Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Soaps 2014

Had so much fun experimenting with cut offs for our Christmas soaps this year…  

 cut up bits

 grated and rolled into balls.

The best part was cutting the soaps!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas season and are raring to go for 2015!!


SoapJam said...

Love all of your Christmas soaps! :)

Jennifer Young said...

SoapJam, Thank you!!!!!!! From time to time I check in to your AWESOME blog. I notice you are selling your soaps now, and I was curious as to where? On-line? Markets? At your restaurant? Hope you have had a super holiday season and are charged for an even better 2015!!!

Connie said...

Jennifer, I am so very proud of you. When I started following your blog, you were just getting started. You had a dream and you didn't let anyone discourage you from taking the bull by the horns and seeing it through. I am so happy for your success and I might say it could not have happened to a sweeter girl. God bless you.
While I am here I would like to invite you over to help me celebrate my three year blogging birthday. I'm having a Give-A-Way, it's not much, but it is handmade :)
Happy New Year.
Connie :)

Unknown said...

They all turned out really grate! I whish you successful and grate New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and welcome back to blogging - I've missed your posts! I love your Christmas soaps. I always mean to play around more with embeds but just don't get round to it.

Anonymous said...

yesterday I found your blog, stuck here for many hours and forgot to work :D I really love your soaps :) and your attitude (my is very similar). Natural colorants, essential oils, local ingredients.. I started making soaps few months ago and I love it. I did eleven different batches and have many ideas in my head :) You gave me so much inspiration, thank you :)

Jennifer Young said...

Connie, You are such a sweetheart. Thanks for your AWESEOME comment!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Moj Sapun, Thank you!! Same to you!!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

thesoapmine, Thanks for your comment! Happy New year!!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Martina, Thanks for your awesome comment!! So glad that you have been bitten by the soap making bug (beware - it is LIFE CHANGING!!!d), that you enjoy the same soaping values as I do and that i have inspired you in some way. I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE to inspire. Happy New Year and happy soaping!! xo Jen

Diva Prirodna Kozmetika said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!
Happy New Year, Jen, may it bring you you your family lots of happy moments and success!

Jovana said...

You are awesome!
Natural and modern look at the same time.
I start to make soaps one year ago, and whenever I see ypur soaps i wish to have something like that.
You can see my artisan soaps on my blog, I don't write a lot, but they are nice too :)
You Canadian people are my inspiration :)

The Soap Sister said...

Utterly & cmpletely FABULOUS collection!!!
Wow, wow, WOW!!

kelly said...

Amazing range, incredibly talented soap maker! Im surprised I havent come across your site sooner

Paper Street Soaps said...

I've been making soap for quite a few years now for fun and for gifts, and these Christmas bars just blow me away. Great work!

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Jesse said...

These soups are fabulous. Fantastic Christmas idea.

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the soap guy said...

Each of these Soap bars are beautiful.

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