Saturday, 9 October 2010

Guessing Game - Secret Revealed...

Thanks to all those who played the guessing game and contributed some seriously creative responses!! Here is what I was trying to make. My salt soaps. I made them again the following day and they came out fine.

Tiggy from Future Primitive had the closest guess as to what actually happened, as my salt soaps are made by Cold Process, but then put in the oven for a bit, so CPOP. Normally, I pre-heat the oven and then TURN IT OFF when I put the salt soap in the oven. As you can imagine, I didn’t turn it off this time (too busy skyping with mum...) and the soap cooked, overflowed and turned into this weird, dough-looking mess.

Soap volcano was guessed by many of you and was a very close guess. Overheating, or quick gelling, were close guesses as well. However, Tiggy was the closest and wins one of my salt soaps.

Now as for the most creative response... I loved several... Summary:
• Wasps nest
• Rising bread dough gone wild
• Traditional Spanish bread
• Hubby’s homebrew
• Artfully folded towel serving as a prop for the next photo session of your magnificent soaps, and you chose a white towel to show us the INCREDIBLE orange shade you achieved by using coral dust that blew past your casa, settling on your desk as you were brooding over the next soapy recipe
• Soap that just couldn't contain its own excitement to be seen! Poor soapy was so excited it had to explode to get attention
• It's a baby chick, newly hatched, poking it's way out of the cotton wool insulation
• The soap gnomey's snuck into your room and tossed some marshmallows into your soap pot

I really loved all of these, probably laughed hardest at Hubby’s homebrew... loved the idea of coral dust natural colourant... but the MOST creative for me was the Soap Gnomey with marshmallows from Courtney at Courtney also wins one of my salt soaps.

So, thanks again for the contributions, Tiggy, Courtney, please email me your addresses to so that I can send you each a soap!

Interesting note on the actual soap that turned out well the following day when I did remember to TURN OFF THE OVEN... As you can see in the photo, the colour is an odd light honey colour. I have never got anything remotely close to this in a salt soap before. It usually turns white white white. I added NO colour. Could it be the Extra Virgen Olive Oil instead of just the regular olive oil? There’s me and my colour obsession...

Happy weekend!



Michelle said...

I've never made a salt soap, I'm interested in how that one feels. Is it exfoliating?

BTW/I've not used Indigo Powder either so I'll very much be looking forward to your post on it :)

Splurge Sisters said...

I've made my salt bars in the oven at 170 degreees but only keep it in there for an hour or two and keep checking it.

Congrats to Tiggy and Courtney.

Between Friends said...

Hi Jen, I didn't make it to the guessing game, but I certainly enjoyed all the creative responses! I'm a little curious.... what did you do to the volcano after you took it out? If it was salt bars you were making, it must be super hard! (I'm curious because I do CPOP too, and I'd like to know what to do when it happens to me. :P)

Jennifer Young said...

Michelle - Salt bars are devine... no not really exfoliating but lotion like silky lather. Try one! I started with the tutorial from Ladybug soapworks. Let me know how it goes!
Between Friends - this is the first time this has happened to me so I don't know what to do with this ugly square rock I have now...I am going to wait a month and then try to see if it is any good anyway and maybe grate and use for something else? xo Jen

FuturePrimitive said...

Ahem! I must apologise for my lateness! I hadn't even checked in with you until today and then I read down and see that I guessed the soapy doughy explosion right!
Wowness. I'm absolutely over the moon.
I shall email you my address for my salt bar.
I really really can't wait. I love your soaps and have wanted to try one for a long time. (no cash for quite some time!)
A very chuffed to bits Tiggy