Monday, 11 October 2010

Packaging (& Tweaking...)

Woah! What a few days... creating new packaging, in other words - tweaking. Becky,, you think you got it bad? Take a look at my latest tweaking “pile”.

I have been going over and over new packaging for weeks until I have finally found something I like... When I start narrowing in on something I like, I can’t stop... I can work into the wee hours of the morning, until my eyes are too tired to go on...

The truth is, I enjoy the packaging part of it. I think I mentioned in my very first blog post that I enjoy just about everything to do with soap making... from thinking up new soaps... to hunting down ingredients... to inventing names, slogans, marketing ideas... waiting for a materials order to arrive... experimenting with scents, colour and new ingredients... the actual mixing of the soaps... waiting out the 24 hours suspense period... unveiling... cutting... trying out my soaps... blogging about them... looking at other soaps... taking photos of my soaps... searching for moulds... even lining the moulds & washing up... talking about soaps... showing off and selling soaps... I am sure I have missed a lot of stuff that I adore about soap making, but all in all, for now - I LOVE SOAP MAKING!!

Here is my latest packaging that I am pleased with for now.

I used to get excited about going out on Friday night... now I get excited about font colour? An Essential Oil scent blend? Is there something wrong with me?

My first packaging was colourful...

Or the minimalist version for the soaps that were pretty and I wanted more of the soap to be visible.

Actually my new packaging is quite similar, I just prefer the paper band to go around the bottom. I feel the bottoms stay cleaner that way.

Also, the location of the ribbon and bow on my first packaging kept causing me problems. The ribbon was always slipping off, so it didn’t look professional. It was a hastle.

Then I moved onto something a little more playful & simple, with no ribbon, which cut down a little on the packaging costs.

I have always felt that I wanted the soap visible so the purchaser could see and smell it. But recently, I had advice from someone who packages her soaps in round tins, who feels that sealing them is very important to keep the smell in?

Dilemma... to seal or not to seal... My latest packaging has both ends open.

I have tried wrapping some soaps completely and will wait a few months to see if the scent has held better or if there are any other effects of being wrapped entirely.

I also invented a box... I kind of like the box idea. I punched a little sun in the corner so that you can see and smell the soap. Hole or no hole? To seal or not to seal?

Love to hear your thoughts on my different packaging... and if you think soaps should be sealed or not... and anything else you may wish to contribute!!



Between Friends said...

Hi Jen, these packaging look so lovely! I adore all of them, they offer different looks and functionalities. I've also wondered if sealing the soaps helps keep the scent, so I came up with my way to "compromise" - I wrap the whole thing with plastic wrap and then put a nice sticker label on the side where the wrap gathers. That way people can still see the soaps and I get to keep the scent (if it works that way)!

Millie D said...

I love your packaging, it is so pretty. I have been all weekend making gift boxes for my jewellery :)

Soaps and Bubbles said...

Really nice; my favorites are the retro flowery packaging and the last one. Real creative :D

Splurge Sisters said...

Oh I love your lastest packaging, it's so cute. I personally seal all of my soaps as I believe it keeps the scent in, I'm at a market so it's sanitary to keep people's hands and noses off the bar. I have little scent bags for people to sniff. There is the odd time when I make a experimental batch and I'll just put a label around it but I've only done that a few times in 8 years of selling.

Amy W said...

I'm still a big fan of my Smell Through Shrink Wrap, even if it can be a bit of a pain to work with. Keeps everything sanitary, plus you can see AND smell the soap!

BTW, I think your new packaging looks excellent! The ribbons add that extra special touch. :)

Anonymous said...

I like soap boxes. I've done the cigar bands, but they slip and get soap smudged onto them as customers can be rough with them. I hate seeing smudged/dirty labels.

I made the switch to soap boxes many years ago, and wouldn't go back.

They ship all over the world really well. Let the soap continue to "cure" and protect the soap from customers.

Of course, I do sit one soap out of the box for display purposes, I'm often accused of making fudge vs soap!

Anne-Marie said...

Love the new packaging! The little sun peek hole to smell and see the soap is an adorable idea. :)

Cocobong Soaps said...

The box with the sun sniffer is great, Jen! I think it would even do great without the ribbon.

Michelle said...

I love your packaging ideas! Very cute! The labels matching the ribbon is my favorite!! Very eye catching. Plus the sun punch in the box is great! I love smelling soaps and that is such a creative way to allow for some sniffing :)

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

They all look lovely Jen, the matching ribbon and font look very effective and the coloured wrapping looks really nice too. For me, I've found at the markets, if a customer can't smell the soap they don't normally buy it. The box idea with the little sun punch is a great idea, but I prefer the look of labels or wrapping best.

Mau said...

I like the fully wrapped soap with the cute paper, it makes it look like a present. But I think it does depend on where you sell.

Spirit´s Soap Art said...

hi jen,
personally I prefer cellophan paper for wrapping since you perfectly see designs and colors. I do not like customers grapping and sniffing each peace of soap on markets. cellophan paper is natural, so the soap can still "breath" and it´s very hygenic also. For sniffing I lay out an unwrapped soap in front of the rest. That works fine.