Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Goat Milk Soap Colours

I am really pleased with the lastest creamy whitish colour I got with my goat milk soap. No added colour. Simply kept temperatures low during the soaping process and left it in the mould without covering it with a blanket, in a non-heated room.

This is one of my all-time favourite soaps, simple yet luxurious. Patchouli & Geranium scent. Mmmmmmmm....

Here you can see a little sample piece of my previous batch laid on top of the more recent batch, so that you can see the difference in colour. The previous batch had Orris Root in it. Can you see it? The soap is slightly darker but also has specs. Those Orris Root specs are scratchy too!

It is possible that the scent is slightly more intense with the Orris Root, but I don't like the the scratchy specs enough to use it in my soaps anymore. I am getting great staying power in my aromas lately anyway, without the Orris Root. Finally!!

Naturalmente Mediterraneo update - I am excited to report that business is going really well!! Oh yippee... yahooo!!!! I am running out of products quickly and have to make bigger and bigger batches. I am finding new suppliers who ship quicker as I am running out of ingredients as well. I absolutely LOVE what I am doing and feel so privileged to be living my dream!!!

For those of you in Spain - Jabonarium ROCKS! http://jabonariumshop.com/ I needed some Geranium and Rosemary Essential Oil urgently and they shipped them too me in less than 24 hours!!!


Splurge Sisters said...

Your soaps look great and you gave me a great idea for Geranium EO as I just ordered some and have never soaped with it and wondered about good scent combos. I read it goes well with Grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary and Patchouli.

Good tip about the Orris Root Powder as I have some but never use it. I too like my soaps smooth. Congrats on the success of your business.

Sergio said...

Que cremosos se ven tus jaboncitos.
Y ese sello les da un toque sensacional.
Seguro que estas encantada con el sello.
Un abrazo Jenny.

Heidi said...

I am really happy to hear that your soap business is going well. Congratulations!!

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

That's wonderful to hear everything is going well for you Jen, they look beautiful, so creamy, I haven't smelled that combination before but it sounds really yummy. Still loving that stamp, I can't wait till I get my new logo so I can get one made too xxx

Amy Warden said...

I've never used orris root - it sounds like your soaps are better off without it! Congrats on your business success - I had no doubt it would take off!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

So please help this new soaper ..how MUCH EO's to add to say a one pound batch of soap ? Is it always trial and error ?

And I love your blog I learn so much

Soapchick said...

I love the colour of your goats milk soap, it looks so creamy and natural doesn't it? By the way, do you think jabonariumshop.com would ship to Portugal? My soapmaking mate and I have been looking for soap suppliers over there with no luck so far - thanks, keep up the great work XX

Jennifer Young said...

Splurge Sister.... thanks for your positive comments! I Looove Geranium EO. It blends so well with a lot of things and it is so great for the skin.

Sergio, Muchas gracias. Si estoy encantada con mi sello.... me divierto mucho sellando los jabones y me gustan como quedan al final con el sello. Tu experimentas con un montón de diferentes sellos, verdad?

Heidi, Thank you thank you!

Jan, Glad that you like the creamy look of the goat milk soap. I just love this soap. It is my current favourite of mine. When you are ready to get a stamp, I highly recommend Anhoki, and if you want someone to do a new logo for you, for a very reasonable price I recommend dRE from Solid Art Collective. It was such a treat working with her that I can't WAIT for the next project I can work with her on... like a full-on website or a brochure.

Amy, thanks for your vote of confidence. I remember right from the start you knew my business would take off..... if I remember correctly you advised me to be careful in maintaining the pace I want for my business and not get caught up in stress again!!

Donna, in my experimenting, I have discovered that I prefer to use a little more EOs than often suggested. I like the soap to smell enough that it captures a first time buyer. I usually put in 10 - 12ml EOs per 250grs of oils. It also depends on which EOs. For example Geranium, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Citronella all stay strong so I dont need as much. But I put extra lavender in as the scent is fleeting. Let me know how it goes!!!

Soapchick, I think jabonariumshop would ship to portugal. However, New Directions has a branch in Portugal if you are looking for EOs. My favourite suppliers so far are from England and they ship to Spain so I bet they would ship to Portugal as well - Fresholi, Gracefruit, Soap Kitchen, Fresh Skin.

Thanks all!!! xoxo Jen

Maku said...

Naturalmente bellos

Xzy said...

The goat milk soap prints looked cool. And just looking by it I can already feel the moisturizing effect as it runs through skin! YUM! Treat for my body!