Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rich Honey Colour

I did it! I got a great honey colour I love! It may not be as deep honey brown as I might have liked but I am really pleased. Wow.... I am on a roll!

To get the richer honey colour, I simply soaped at higher temps and incubated lightly! You can see the richer colour when you see the lighter soap next to it.

I loooooooove honey. In my tea.... in my coffee... in my Breakfast Oats Bake... on bread... on toast... in soap!

I would love to see some examples of other honey soaps! Can you post links to photos in comments? Maybe someone would like to take on a honey soap showcase?

Happy honey soaping!

xo Jen


Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Ann Stoermer said...

I love the rick honey color you got with these. Beautiful! Your stamp look great also. :)

I did this honey soap a while back.

Jabonera said...

Jen, precioso te ha quedado realmente un color muy bonito. Yo hace unos meses hice también uno, me salió más oscuro porque verti miel en el agua destilada y me quedo un tono que también me gusta, aquí te dejo por si quieres verlo.
Besos. Ana.

Teresa said...

Love this!

Teresa said...

I make two honey soaps. Need to dig up the photos.
One is a castile with honey and colloidal oats and the color is close to yours.
Taking forever to cure!
The other is a Honey Goat Milk.

Anonymous said...

I share your passion for honey, Jen! I would say that at least half of my soap varieties contain honey -a super humectant & it seems to prevent those nasty orange spots! It's the bee's knees!

Sonya said...

Hi, I made honey soap just yesterday (its still in the mould) but here's a link to some I made a while ago - we keep bees, so we use our own raw honey in the soap. It is the BEST soap for your skin, so soft. Sonya

Anonymous said...

Love your soaps! What's the honey percentage usually used in soap?



Jennifer Young said...

Hello all,

Gorgeous honey soaps all of you!! I love the variety! Thank you for sharing.

As for the percentage question from
Sarah, I only use about 2.5 - 3% of the oils, for the honey. If I use more, the honey sort of seeps out of the soaps and can stain towels... what about you or anyone else? Do people use more?


Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Jennifer,

What was the key factor in getting the rich texture and deep honey color? It looks great. How would you describe this particular honey soap fragrance?

At Joyful Soaps, we offer Soothing Honey soap, and it has gone over very well. It is among our top sellers. I'd be curious to know what you think.

Good work!

Suzanne said...

Lovely looking soap and I absolutely love your packaging. It is clean and classy.

Jennifer Young said...

Michael, I think the texture comes from the goat milk, honey and shea... the colour comes from the goat milk, honey and letting it get hotter than we normally would let a honey soap. I have not added any Essential Oils to this soap so there is very little fragrance. All natural and plain. It is my soap for sensitive skin and is wonderful on my face. I think your soothing honey soap looks so soft and gentle that I can perfectly understand why it is one of your best sellers!

Suzanne - thank you so much!! xo Jen

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

Really nice Jen, all that honey? that's what makes you so sweet:)

bianca said...

Thanks so so much! I really appreciate it! :):):)

Maku said...

Precioso este jabón en su naturalidad.

Pinky Blondie said...

I love your soaps (and not only the honey ones)!
I made this honey soap a few days ago:

Jennifer Young said...

Pinky Blondie, thanks for your compliment and comment! I checked out your soaps and they look wonderful. I attempted a comment on your blog in French.... it has been 15 years since I have practised French at all!! xoxo Jen

Princesse des Neiges said...

I adore honey soaps, and recently I made one. The color is not very dark but the smell is so delicious!!!

Jennifer Young said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment! My normal honey soap has no scent and I used to like to use it on my face. Lately I am only using Castille soap on my face. i love the fresh natural smell of honey and beeswax too... xo jen