Wednesday, 21 November 2012

More Soaping Surprises – Alkanet / Ratanjot

I continue to experiment with alkanet/ ratanjot… in the elusive search for that beautiful purple I had achieved in a non-olive-oil but short-shelf-life lavender soap.
Here is my latest experiment with honey lavender.  Wow.  Aside from the colour surprise, I was fully expecting a super-quick trace as has been happening with all of my other batches lately, but this one took forever to get to trace!  Could it be the organic Jojoba oil I used in this batch? It ended up so sweetly smooth...
I wish the photos really showed the robin’s egg blue that is on the outside of the soap.

Two days later…
Up next – my latest wine soap experiments.
Happy Soaping!
xoxoxoxo Jen


Jabonera said...

Jenn pues a mi me encanta ese azul me parece muy interesante. Voy a tener que empezar a experimentar con los colores naturales. Un beso. Ana.

Mika said...

wow it's funny and beautiful colours!! I think the purple is one of the difficut colour.
My Lavender soap has deep purple colour, although the soap contains nearly 50% of olive oil, no problem at all. and six months later, it change to a reddish purple, but still purple. I use gromwell root for the purple :)

Anne-Marie said...

I love it when a soap changes and surprises me, it's always fun to see what it will do. :)

Connie said...

I am not a soap maker, but I find it so interesting to see and hear of all the amazing different blends that you put together. This one with the robin egg rim is so pretty. You have such an incredible talent for this.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Best wishes,
Connie :)

Madhu shree said...

Thanks for sharing your data Pimple/ Pimple soap

Jennifer Young said...

Ana, Muchas gracias por tu comentario. El mundo de colorantes naturales es super interesante y frustrante... si empiezas, espero ver alguna entrada sobre ello!! xo Jen

Mika, Thanks for your comment. I still have to experiment with the Gromwell root (or lithspermun?)you sent me!! I believe it is similar to alkanet/ ratanjot... looks the same and smells the same. xoxoxo Jen

Anne-Marie, Thanks for your commennt!!! xo Jen

Hi Connie, Thank you for your enthusiasic comments!! Unfortunately, with respect to this soap, the rim won't stay. As the soap dries it will continue to adapt.... xo xoJen

Coco said...

Wow - what an interesting effect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!

The light blue rim is so cute.
Using natural colorants always involves some surprises - I love it when I make a new "discovery" :-)
Looking forward to your wine soap post!

Tracy said...

Hi Jen!
I just wanted to say thank you for commenting on my blog. I've been admiring your work for a while now so that was just awesome for me! Looking forward to seeing more of your experiments! :D

Jennifer Young said...

Coco, Thanks for your comment. I know!!! It is changing as it cures, I may have to come back with more photos after a month. xoxoxo Jen

Maya, Thanks for commenting! Glad you liked the blue. I don't believe it will stay blue... wine post coming soon! xo Jen

Tracy, So nice of you to comment. Glad I discovered your blog and really looking forward to following more of your goat filled adventures!! Xo Jen

Olive oil soap from Israel said...

Beautiful colors and interesting blends! Thanks for sharing - Israeli olive oil soap

Allen Briggs said...

I love your stamp!!! It is so clear and crisp. The color variations are amazing... but I think that is a great reason for hand-made soap!!!


Jennifer Young said...

Allen, Thank you!! I love experimenting with natural colour... and stamping is one of my all-time favourite soaping activities! xo Jen