Friday, 4 October 2013

More Shampoo Bar Experimenting - Sodium Lactate

I am so excited to be experimenting again after a summer focussed on producing and sales.  I feel like a mad scientist with my lab coat on!
This time I didn't use Citric Acid, but tried Sodium Lactate for the very first time.  Again, strange streaking... unusual looking.  I believe the Sodium Lactate didn't mix in properly for some reason.
Can't wait to see how these bars differ from my normal bars after the cure period!
Happy Experimenting!! xo Jen


Pam said...

Is your sodium lactate in solution? Did you add it to the cool lye solution or into the batch at trace? Should go into cool lye solution I believe. Love to experiment! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Young said...

Pam, thank you for your comment! I actually used Sodium Lactate Powder and added it to the cool lye water. Thought I had mixed well. Seems that everyone uses sodium lactate solution so next time I will use a solution and try it your way! Thank you! xo Jen

Diva Soap said...

Hi Jen,
I have also SL in powdered form, but as I found out everyone uses 60% solution, I figured out that the only way to add it at 1-2 or 3%, is to dissolve it to the strenght of 60%.
I used very little, about 1% SL ppo, but strangly, the batter got thicker sooner than I would have liked, without having firmer bars at the end! I know I should have used higher percentage to get harder bars, but on the other hand, I'm bit intimidated of using it again, wondering whether it's worth while risking to have thick batter which wouldn't let me design my soap.

Jennifer Young said...

Maja (Diva Soaps), Thank you for your input. interesting to know others' experiences. I will probably continue to experiment with Sodium Lactate and would love to hear more from others. As i experiment more, I will try to post about it. xoxoxo Jen