Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shampoo Bars - Experimenting with Citric Acid

As a follow up, I just want to let you know that after 5 weeks of curing, the pH of this soap/ shampoo bar, is no different than my other bars without Citric Acid.   It has not brought the pH level down.
The shampoo bar is okay, but I actually prefer my bars without it!
It was an interesting experiment, although I have so many other things to experiment with... so will probably not be focussing on this right now.  I remind myself that I am not that concerned with lowering the pH in my soap bars as I am okay with where they are.
Has anyone else out there tried this?  With what results?


Caron.Michelle. S. said...

Looks good and it's always interesting to hear about your new experiments.

Finally after 5 months we have a new blog post up.


Jennifer Young said...

Michelle, Thank you for you comment!! Looks like you have been super busy which is great! xo jen

Sarah said...

Hey. I have been on an all natural soap hunt! You have written great posts on soap making. Have you heard of Rita's Remedies ? They started posting about the ingredients found in commercial soaps and my mouth dropped! I will definitely be buying all natural soaps from now on! Thanks guys! Spread the natural !

By the way go to this website and tell me your thoughts on their blog, "What is Soap?"

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for your comment. Amazing discovery - what goes into commercial soap - isn't it? Have you started looking into your other products? Checked out Rita's Remedies site quickly and they look like good products, couldn't find the ingredients listed so don't know if she uses palm oil or anything else you might have issues with. They look good though. Hope you love your natural soaps once you get them!! xo Jen

fuxi said...

Мне нравится ваш блог, я читаю его. У вас замечательное мыло! А еще мне очень нравится ваш логотип и оформление!

Michael said...

Hello, my name is michael and I own , We also strive to provide 100% natural soaps, and other items, and I have experimented with Citric Acid, and I haven't really had much success in using it. I did find that it brought my ph levels down around the 7th week, but compared heads to tails 8 weeks is what my original formula fully cures. This bar is my pink passion grapefruit bar that I used the citric acid. I try to keep everything 100% natural less is better sometimes.