Saturday, 1 May 2010

Craft Fair

Here are two photos from the craft fair I participated in this afternoon in Mojacar. The first one is of my little table displaying my soaps. The second one is the view from my table. It was more of a dog show than a craft fair. I didn´t sell a lot, but I chatted with a wonderful collection of characters. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon, reminding me why I love the area that we live in. It hasn't been easy coming back to Spain from Canada last week after a three week visit with my family... but it is little things like this afternoon that help... I think what I most enjoy about this area (besides the sun and the weather and the food and living by the sea) is the lack of routine. Every day is an adventure.


Cocobong said...

Congrats on the soap display! All art needs public exposure, as does soap. And your soaps are lovely to look at (and I've read that they are lovely to use as well). Wrapping looks great, Jen:) If you still want to soap swap, I'm around until May 18th and then gone for 2 months. And I'm not taking my laptop, so my cocobong blog going to turn into a desert

Ambra said...

You display looks wonderful. Congratulations!

Soaps and Bubbles said...

oooh Jenn thats wonderful!
I hope you were also happy about the soaps you sold.
The table looks amazing and the packaging...well you know how much I love your packaging.
I wish you lots of luck with future selling.


Edith said...

Hi Jen your table and soaps look fab!
heres to many craft fairs to come x

Monica said...

Felicidades por exponer tus jabones, y en Mojácar vaya lujo. Tienen una pinta deliciosa.

Holly said...

Your display looks great and I love how you package your soaps!

Jennifer Young said...

Thank you everyone for your comments about the display and packaging! I have actually been thinking about changing the packaging... thinking maybe it is a little "craft-fair" and going a little more sleek? Also, I wonder about the bottom being exposed, picks up dust? Anyway you have encouraged me to keep it as it is for now! xo Jen