Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Soap Exchange - Cocobong

I recently did my second soap exchange and was again AMAZED at what I received - 2 gorgeous sheep milk soaps from Cocobong. The look and feel of them is amazing… milky soft white… bubble-free, perfect “matte” smoothness that makes me go back and touch them again and again… The size is brilliant, smaller in height and width than mine but thick – a perfect palm fit. I tried Milk&Almond in the shower – hands, body & face and what a treat! The smell is lovely – soft, sweet & luring…. The suds were phenomenal – big & bubbly, then settling into rich and creamy and they just go on and on and on… Much richer than a Goat Milk soap. Also very moisturising. It even worked on my tricky combination-skin face. Two words come to mind - RICH & LUXURIOUS. I LOVE this soap. Although I haven’t tried the second soap in the shower yet, the look is similarly beautiful – milky-white and beautifully smooth… but the smell is entirely different…. Earthy… Herbal… and Fresh. Can’t wait for my next shower!!! Thank you Julia for the lovely soaps!


Cocobong said...

awwwwww...thanks, Jen!
Kudos and bouquets of sunflowers to your doorstep :)

Soaps and Bubbles said...

The soaps look great; really simple yet natural look.
Im gonna go now to check out your blog Cocobong :D
If Jen recommends...she knows what she's talking about ;-)

FuturePrimitive said...

how lovely. i'm not jealous...honest! *i am though*.

Cocobong said...

swap ya anytime, T :) (once I get back from New Mexico)