Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Green Soap 6 - Green Tea 2

Aiming for green but getting brown... Well, it is an interesting brown with an unusual top! The top has turned a fabulous olive green which reminds me of Green Clay colour. One thing I have deduced for certain is that Green Tea adds POWERFUL natural colour to soaps, which doesn't fade much. I am currently infusing green tea leaves in Olive Oil and also in Castor Oil. I will leave these for about a month and try another experiment.

Scent - I must mention that I swayed from my usual Vanilla Mint scent in my Green Tea soaps and tried something new. I have had Petitgrain Essential Oil sitting around for a couple of months without trying it. I smelled it from the bottle and didn't like it AT ALL! They say it is a cheaper version of Neroli? I LOVE Neroli/ Orange Blossom Essential Oil but can't really afford it right now... so maybe, just maybe, the not-so-nice-smelling Petitgrain will come out nice in a soap? It didn't. It smells like weeds, bad ones.

Next Experiment: Nettle Rosemary Shampoo (using stronger nettle tea)


Ambra said...

Oh, I was excited when you said Petitgrain smells like Neroli. I love Neroli, my absolutely favorite scent...and sooo expensive. But, No! It wouldn't be right either - that there was something as good :) But I love your experiments. I need to take a photo and post because I did a green soap. And it's pretty green - still (?!)

Splurge Sisters said...

The top of this soap is beautiful and I'm so enjoying your experiments.

innerearthsoaps said...

I like petitgrain ... I think it does smell like neroli, just not as sweet. It's nice mixed with citrus too. Lovely soap!

Amy W said...

Oh boo to stinky soap! I had a bottle of Petitgrain at one time, but I think I must have gotten rid of it. Attempted to blend it even, but just never liked it.