Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Green Soap 9 - Nettle 5

Okay okay... this is really going to be the last green experiment for a while. The liquid in this soap is about 70% Nettle tea-mulch and about 30% goat milk, mixed together and frozen before adding lye. Really like this colour as well. I wanted a distinctly different colour than the nettle shampoo bar and I wanted goat milk for the skin benefits. This is a healing bar for sensitive or problematic skin, which I believe will be good for eczema. I have some friends and family who will do the testing for me.

Word of warning - Nettle STINKS. I mean the nettle mulch smells real bad. Am I just imagining it or did some of the stench sneak through into the soap? There is just a hint of something odd in the scent in both of these soaps... I think adding strong EOs like rosemary and mint SHOULD mask it?

Next experiment: Within the next few weeks, I will be beginning experimenting with orange colour in soaps. Heidi from Tiny Happy Bubbles and Ambra at Nakin may also be orange experimenting at the same time so we can pool ideas! Join in if you wish to experiment with us!!



Amy W said...

Is it just the lighting, or is this one actually even darker than the last one? Fascinating! Looking forward to seeing your results from the next batch!

Splurge Sisters said...

This green is just great. Yes, I think strong EO's will mask the scent. You did a great job and thanks for sharing with us.

Heidi said...

Really nice green! Can't wait the orange experiments ;-)

TheSoapSister said...

Looks really nice! If you would like, I'm happy to experiment with orange in HP soap! (my latest obsession) :)

Anne-Marie said...

I'm loving the natural army green color! Rosemary and mint is a great combination. I'm betting it would mask the nettle scent too.

Jennifer Young said...

Thanks for the comments! Amy, it may be the lighting because this one is lighter that the other but as Anne-Marie said, a natural army green colour. So Becky is joining the natural orange experimenting? Faaaaabulous!!! xo Jen