Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tierra Verde – Fabulous Soaps

I have been admiring Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps for some time. I go over and over the wonderful photos on the blog and on the website . They are just my kind of soap… all natural, simple, skin loving, Essential Oil soaps. The packaging is beautifully simple and ecological.

So, recently I got some!! Here is the package I received!!

From left to right - Sweet hand-written card from Michele, Warm Cedar Shaving Round, Orange Honey Drizzle with Oats, a sweet heart sample of Patchouli Vanilla, Creamy Coconut with Lime and Clove.

The truth is I love them all!

As I have yet to perfect a shaving bar, I was most intrigued by the Warm Cedar shaving round... so I tried it first and it is awesome to shave with! I love the scent. Cedarwood with Patchouli... I am a Patchouli addict so I adore this one. Subtle yet lasting.

The bar is hard, the suds are thick and abundant and it makes shaving a treat. It is also the PERFECT size. I have put it into one of my mugs and it fits devinely. I love the thick shaving lather!

Then I went for the heart sample which was luring me, unopened with the patchouli... Great soap, awesome scent and lots of creamy bubbly suds.

Next was Orange Honey Drizzle with Oats – A beautiful bar to look at.

Sleek and hard to hold. Conditioning and lightly exfoliating when using. There is something subtle yet clearly orange about the aroma. Addicting. I keep smelling again. When I use oats, they always turn out harsher in my soaps, but this bar is soft on my skin and the oats are mild. I love it. Currently I have it in my kitchen.

Lastly, Creamy Coconut with Lime and Clove. Another wonderful soap! This one is the creamiest and sudsiest. Nice hard bar, sexy addictive scent, soft on my skin and creamy, silky lather. Love it!!!

All in all, wonderful, beauiful, amazing smelling, all natural soaps.

Thank you Tierra Verde!!!!!!



Jabonera said...

Jen que buena pinta tienen estos jabones, la verdad no conocia el blog así que voy para alla. Un beso. Ana.

Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Michele's soaps are truly wonderful, and I just love the look and "feel" of her website/blog -I think we'll be seeing lots more Really Good Stuff from our Lone Star Friend! :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Oh my! What a nice surprise Jen.Thanks so much for all the kind words.I am so glad that you enjoyed them all.It make me happy to know people are enjoying my little labors of love. Thanks again my friend!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

More and More I am leaning towards the simpler soaps. The ones that look like something I just want to cuddle up with...all the way across the wide wide internet. That rich honey orange. Yummmm. Thanks for the great review

Alegría Mediterráneo Soap said...

Hola Jen!
I like ´´Tierra Verde´´, a lot !
Is one of my favorite handmade soap brand !So simple and natural!
Have a lovely Day !

Jennifer Young said...

Ana y Claudia, Me alegro que os hayan gustado los jabones de Tierra Verde! Me encantan! Gracias por vuestros comentarios! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Becky & Donna, I agree with you both. I love the Tierra Verde soaps... so simple and pure. I also think the packaging, website and everything else about them represents exactly what they are. Glad you enjoyed my review!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Michele, Glad you enjoyed the review. I am enjoying your soaps!!!! xo Jen

Tara said...

I also love the look and philosophy of Tierra Verde soaps. Michele's soaps just look so smooth. I am especially taken by that orange honey drizzle soap. Great review, Jen.

Jennifer Young said...

Tara, yes the honey drizzle is awesome... the smell is wonderful. xo Jen

Omar said...

Tus jabones deben ser una maravilla como lo es su presentación, con un estilo muy elegante y delicado.
Un abrazo.