Monday, 25 July 2011

Trip to Canada - Part 1

Ontario summertime countryside (drive from Toronto to Collingwood)

I would love to post some glorious photos of a new soap I made... But I haven’t made soap in over a month because I had been travelling and now I am immobilized with Thrombosis. Can you imagine being immobilized and not being able to do anything other than what you are able to do on a sofa with your leg up in 40º weather with no Air Conditioning... for weeks? No matter how difficult it all is I can't get down about it because I feel so lucky. I feel so fortunate. I feel so blessed to be here. I should not have flown with Thrombisis.

So, please bear with me as I post about non-soapy things until I can get back to my passion...

Toronto Racoon, a family of them live under my old friend Leigh's porch

I almost called this post Trip Home but I have lived away from Canada for 8 years now... So what is home? The place you are from? or the place you are now? Can you create home wherever are? Or maybe it is not about the place at all but about people?

Canola Fields

I almost didn’t go on the trip as I had injured my leg, torn part of my calf muscle shortly before we left... and during the entire 3 week trip I hobbled around on a cane but this trip was mostly about the people so it was okay.

Collingwood, Canada Day, July 1st:

Dad, my daughter Aurora and Mum, at that great Canadian icon - Tim Hortons

My stepmum, back porch, Collingwood

Georgian Bay, photo taken by my daughter

Dad & I

Me, hobbling and happy at Georgian Bay

I will continue with my Canadian journey in another post...

Most nights, ever since my grandmother died in March 2010, before going to sleep, I write a list of the things I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for:
1) the wonderful people in my life
2) my husband who has come through and is looking after me better than I could have imagined
3) being alive and getting better
4) the wonderful smell in my house... with my Essential Oil soaps
5) the enjoyment I get from reading and writing
6) the followers out there who enjoy my Blog

xoxo Jen


Tara said...

Having just visited Collingwood a couple of weeks ago also, many of those photos contain familiar scenery. I loved the fields of canola. "Home" is difficult to define. Originally from the east coast, we still refer to it as home. I hope you are feeling better soon, Jennifer.

Miss Polly said...

Aw Jen, I hope you get better soon and back to your soaping. i can;t imagine not being able to soap.
Your pictures look great and you all look so happy and relaxed (and your daughter looks very very like you). Take care and get well soon xx

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


It's so nice to see photos of your trip. Your daughter is adorable. My favourite photo is the one of you and your dad as you look content.

I have a Timmie's right down the road from me and I love their toffee coffee. Your post made me miss Ontario and I was there about 5-6 years ago. Home to be is Victoria, BC but I also feel so at home in places I've lived before (Toronto is where I grew up and so it's a part of me), Hawaii & California are also home because I lived in Cali 4 years while in school and then Hawaii for about 4 years.

You are in my prayers re your leg and I'm so glad your okay after your trip away. Your grateful list is inspiring too and reminds me of what I'm grateful for. I'm loving the Ontario posts.


Alegría Mediterráneo Soap said...

Nice picture...and your daughter is so beautiful(looks very like you )!
Home can be everywhere,especially where you feel at home.
The idea is to enjoy life anywhere!
Take care with your leg and come back sun with some good soap .

Karri Flatla said...

Love seeing pics and reflections of a fellow Canadian :) I'm in southern AB so of course I love that Canola pic! But the picture of you and your Dad is especially beautiful. Makes my heart happy just looking at it...


Jennifer Young said...

Tara, Thank you so much. I will keep you posted on progress. Yes, home is difficult to define isn't it. Maybe we have lots of Homes? xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Miss Polly, Thank you. I cant wait to get through the Thrombosis and start Physio therapy for my leg. I live by the beach and I can't walk to it!!!! Soaping... Oh how I miss it. I already have a list of soaps I am going to make... first one beer honey shampoo... My husband keeps reminding me - keep your mind focussed on getting better first. Don't jump ahead... Thanks for your comments about my photos and daughter. xoxo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

To Michelle & Kerri, Thanks for your wonderful comments. I also love that photo of my Dad and I. What a man. If you want to read more about him and my adoration of him, I post this link.... xo Jen

Michelle, I miss Timmies already!!

Jennifer Young said...

Claudia, Muchisimas gracias xo xo Jen

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Pic of you and your dad made me miss mine tremendously. I was just 30 when he decided life in heaven better than here. So good you enjoy your family.

Now how did a yound healthy speciman like you get a blood clot? Are you sure they did not mix up your ultrasound reports with mine?

sneaky said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time and your photos are beautiful! Mindi

Jennifer Young said...

Donna, Sorry to hear about your Dad. I adore mine and wonder why I chose to live so far away sometimes... Thrombosis in someone like me? Well I got a leg injury, so I wasn't moving it, wasn't circulating... then I flew... Going back to the Doc tomorrow. Lets see if I can start walking on it again and maybe start physio for the injury!!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Sneaky, Thankyou!!! xo Jen

Coco said...

Great pics of home! Glad you had the opportunity and enjoyed it so much.

Perhaps while you´re recovering, you can use the time to try out some new creams/butters for therapeutic purposes - rubs, warming, cooling, etc. Of course that assumes you can work.

Take your time and get better soon.

The Soap Sister said...

What great pictures of what must have been a lovely time with fam & friends! Thanks for sharing, Jen. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Coco, Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the photos! Oh I have been testing out salves and creams and giving myself massages... but only with what I had left over because most of my most of my creams and salves are sold out... and the one I need most my Muscle Rub is sold out and I am waiting for a shipment of a key ingredient!! Thanks for your well wishes. xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Becky, Thank you for your always positive comments! xo Jen