Friday, 2 December 2011

Mystery Colour - Clue # 2

Thank you to everyone who submitted guesses yesterday!  There were a lot of awesome guesses but no one has guessed correctly yet...
I suppose this second photo is a clue in itself. When I first took it out of the mould, it was dark on the outside but very light on the inside. It didn’t take long before it darkened all over.  It continued darkening all day long...
Clue # 2 – This colour was a complete surprise. I have never worked with this ingredient before and I had no idea it would produce any colour at all.
Here is a list of the wonderful guesses so far:
Dead sea mud
Olive pomace
Bay laurel leaf oil
Prickly pear fruit
Dark cocoa butter, the kind that smells like chocolate
Dark chocolate
Cocoa powder
Kola Nut (don’t know what this is…?)
Brown clay
Hemp oil
Honey powder
Aloe vera gel
Vanilla Fragrance
Something I found next to my Aloe Plant
Peanut Butter
Olive Green Clay
Walnut Shell Powder

Good luck and happy soaping!!



Celine @ said...

Hmmm I was going to say vanilla paste maybe but vanilla was already said. Ok I'll say Dark Chocolate itself - the 100% kind?

Hellcat said...

Hm, today's photo looks more beige than green...
Ok, a couple more guesses:

Almond milk
Fuller's Earth

Dragon (Karen) said...

The soap looked interesting shades when the air was first making contact. Ummm!


ANA said...

Veamosssssssss. ¿Infusión de té verde? jejeje. Qué diver, todos despistados!!
Jennifer, va un amigo, ahora, a Marruecos y le he dicho que me localice el aceite de higos chumbos. Nos tienes que contar el resultado en tu fabuloso jabón.
Bueno, si no acertamos, mañana veo el "Try again"

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Jen, you master of inquisition you...I say, rosemary powder

Milla said...

Very pretty soap! French green clay, bentonite, clay, spinach, cucumber...

Briny Bar Soap said...

Hm. Pureed banana. Or cocoa bean infused olive oil?

Irene Fernandez said...

rosin, pine have me doing research and everything!!

emmath said...

olive pomace?

innerearthsoaps said...

Vanilla absolute, vanilla c02, honey, milk, or cocoa powder ... ?

Julia said...

Yo apuesto por el laurel, infusionado en aceite de oliva, o manteca de laurel... No creo que sea ningún colorante o arcilla. Tal vez un aceite esencial que haya variado con la temperatura.
Bueno, mi apuesta es el laurel, contigo nunca se sabe.
Un abrazo

Jennifer Young said...

Celine, Hellcat, Dragon (Karen), Ana, Donna, Milla, Briny Bar, Irene, Emmath, Innerearthsoaps... Thank you all for just amazing and creative guesses. Wow, what a list we have now of potential colourants!! Thank you everyone. Wait unil tomorrow to see the next part.... xoxo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Julia, Gracias. Me gusta tu idea y pienso hacerlo en otra ocasión... pero este no es. Gracias!! xo Jen

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Hmmmm,is it Patchouli perhaps?

The Soap Sister said...

Madder root?

My Life in Progress said...
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Jessica said...


Jennifer Young said...

Tierra Verde, Soap Sister, Jessica... Thank you so much for your guesses!! xo Jen