Friday, 2 December 2011

We Have A Winner!!

Alexander of Sapunuri naurale guessed correctly!

I was so hoping to give you some more clues, but Alexandra got it after only clue 2. . .  My next clues were going to be:
Clue 3:  It grows here in the Mediterranean region, both wild and cultivated. . .
Clue 4:  The actual colour of this ingredient is beautiful and vibrant but so different to the resulting soap colour. . .
Clue 5:  We eat it.
And well, so many more ideas for clues but the correct guess is. . .
Can you believe it?
This photo is the same soap, just taken later the same day. It has been difficult to capture the true colour with a camera. The actual colour is a beautiful deep greeny brown.
Congratulations Alexendra!!!  Please send me your address to  and I will send you a bar of the soap!
 Here are the rest of the creative guesses.  Thank you everyone!

Tomato Juice
Brown Sugar
Kelp/ Seaweed Powder
vanilla paste
Dark Chocolate
Almond milk
Fuller's Earth
Green tea
Rosemary Powder
French green clay
Bentonite clay
Pureed banana
cocoa bean infused olive oil
rosin, pine tar
Olive Pomace
Vanilla absolute,
vanilla c02,
Laurel (bay) in olive oil
Laurel butter
Madder Root
xoxoxo Jen


Alexandra said...

Lucky me!:D)))

Jen, you made my day!!!

But I must confess that I never, ever have guessed ,if a month ago I wouldn't have made a soap with the same ingredient, pomegranate juice, and the colour is pretty much the same as yours. :)

Thanks , Jen!

Cocobong Soaps said...

Congrats Alexandra! ..and, no fair Jen ;)..guessing what gave a soap its color before it has sat for at least 2 weeks is ..well..but someone got it, so YAY!

Hellcat said...

Congratulation, Alexandra!
The funny thing is that I have a slightly over-ripe Pomegranate sitting here which I want to soap next least now I know which color to expect;)

Soaptician AYU said...

Oh wow!! Congratulation, Alexandra!
I have used Pomegranate Juice before, but it didn't turn out this color..
It was close to brick color.

But anyways, the soap looks beautiful! =)

xo AYU

Michelle said...

Congrats Alexandra, I never would have guessed that. What an interesting shade.

Jennifer Young said...

Alexandra, Now I understand how you got it!! Send me your address and I will send you a bar!

Cocobong, you are right... if it changes greatly, I will have to post again about the change... Thanks for participating!

Hellocat, let us all know if you get different results!!

Soaptician, oh! I would have loved a brick colour. Maybe it will turn that way? This soap is only a few days old...

Michelle, Thanks for your participation!! This has been fun!


Julia said...

Estupendo, Alexandra nos ha desvelado el secreto, felicidades a las dos.

Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

Congrats Alexandra, thanks Jen, had some fun.

Jennifer Young said...

Julia, Gracias por tu comentario!

Cynthia-Rose, Glad you had fun with this. Maybe there will be more mysteries in the future!!

Jennifer Young said...

Alexandra, Please send me your address!!! xo Jen

Jan said...

Sorry I missed your guessing game, I would never have thought of Pomegranate, that's got to be really good for your skin. Looks great, so creamy, you can almost see the goodness in it. Congrats to the lucky winner:)

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Jan, thanks for your comment. Yes the game was fun! I was hoping that it would have gone on longer though... I will post about the pomegranate soap soon. i also used pomegranate seed oil in it. Hope you are well! xo Jen

Briny Bar Soap said...

Whoa! That's so cool! My next guess would have been chocolate milk. What else is in this bar?

Jennifer Young said...

Briny Bar, I think it is pretty cool too. Who knew??? Well only Alexandra who had recently done similar experiments. I also added some Pomegranate Seed Oil and an EO combo - new and total dud. I hate it when that happens. Have you tried Frankinsence? Have you got any tips for getting a soap scent with Frankinsence that isn't a dud? I may be coming to the conclusion that I don't like it, but I dont give up easily... xo jen