Sunday, 25 March 2012

Guessing Game - Answers, Winners and Brainstorm List

Thanks everyone for your awesome guesses!  The colorants that were actually used to naturally colour these four different soaps were:
From left to right:
Soap 1) Pink Clay – fairly simple.  Added at trace.  Maybe could have mixed it in a little better and avoided the specs…. Or maybe not… maybe I like the specs?
Soap 2) Madder Root – I infused olive oil with Madder Root and used that olive oil in the main portion of the recipe.  I really like this colour and the soap is so smooth.
Soap 3) Madder Root and Alkanet Root – These are both infused in oils.  As mentioned under soap 2 – the Madder Root was infused in olive oil and added to the main part of the recipe.  The alkanet root was infused in Castor Oil and added at trace, but I don’t think the alkanet came through.  Didn’t add enough?  I was hoping for an interesting unique shade… and what are all those white specs?  Bubbles?  Not sure why this happened.
Soap 4) Red Clay – I was surprised by the result.  Simply turned the soap slightly tan!I will use more next time and see if I get a better colour.
So, as for the winners -  there were two really:
Michelle from Two Blooms Design Studio at  and Mabel Savonniere at

Michelle and Mabel - Congratulations to you both!! Please send me an email and I will send you a list of my current soaps to choose from!
The brainstorm list that we came up with together for natural shades of pink and tan in cold process soap making:

rosehip powder
pink or rose clay
beet juice
rose dust
madder root
aloe juice
turmeric/ curcuma
alkanet root
chai tea spices
valley mauve clay from TKB
beetroot powder
bayberry root
yucca root
So, thank you so much for contributing, reading, following and happy soaping!!


Silvia en el bosque said...

Congratulations for the winner. maybe next time... :)))))))))

Mabel said...

Oooooo, yay!!!!! Will email you know - thank you soooo much! :)

It's interesting that you mentioned these two roots (madder and alkanet) because I'm infusing them at the moment in olive oil for my next experiment on natural colorants.

Could it be possible for the red clay to change colour during curing?

Jennifer Young said...

Silvia, Gracias!!!!

Mabel, I look forward to your experiments with the two roots. It is possible that red clay changes throughout the cure... but in my experience clay stays pretty much the colour you see straight out of the mould. I think I just needed more.... Your site is BEAUTIFUL!!! xoxo Jen

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

Found the link to this post on that site :)

I use madder and alkanet in my own naturally coloured soaps but have avoided using clays up until now. I'm inspired by the look of the pink clay so I think will give it a go!

Thanks for sharing :)
Xx Tanya

Briny Bar Soap said...

I always get a lot of bubbles with my alkanet root infused olive oil too. Weird.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Yippee, thought I had posted on here the other day. Doing the happy dance. Thanks Jen.


Jennifer Young said...

Tanya, Let us know how you get on with clay in soaps!! Thanks for your comment! xo Jen

Briny Bar, I don't usually get alkanet bubbles... this one is just weird!! Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed your post today!
xo Jen

Michelle, Will be sending off your package once we return from Barcelona. Have a wonderful Easter Week! Thanks for your comment. xo Jen

zeenat said...

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