Saturday, 24 March 2012

Guessing Game - Day 2

Thanks for all the wonderful guesses and ideas!!  Most of you guessed one of these correctly (the obvious one...).  Here are the guesses from yesterday:

rosehip powder
pink or rose clay
beet juice
rose dust
madder root

Clue for today:  One of the soaps is coloured with a combination of two of the guesses from yesterday and another of the soaps is coloured with something that has not been mentioned yet.

Keep the guesses coming!!!  What we'll end up with is a fabulous brain-storm of natural colourants for these shades!!

Happy Experimenting!!


Heidi said...

This guessing game is really interesting! My guess is that the one missing from the list could be rhubarb.

MIKA said...

I think...
1 is clay,
2 is aloe juice
3 is strawberry
4 is turmeric

anyway, they are beautiful colors!


Mabel said...

1) Rosehip powder, 2) Wine or alkanet root and 4) Paprika with clay

I'm just guessing. :p

Miss Polly said...

I think 1 or 3 might be Strawberry or Raspberry?

Silvia en el bosque said...

Ey ... i think one of them is cúrcuma..!!

Jennifer Young said...

Heidi, Mika, Mabel, Miss Polly, Silvia, Thanks for more interesting ideas!!!! Xoxoxo Jen