Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Little Details

My husband is more detail-oriented than I am… I tend to be more big-picture.  This comes in very handy when there are little aesthetic decisions to make.  He helped with the logo when it was being designed, which now we both love.  He always seems to know right away… No, No Jen.  The logo can’t be round.  It has to be square…   And the frustrating thing is that he is usually right in the end!

 I really wasn’t convinced when he told me he was painting the doors in the studio green?  Green with white details?  How about white with green details?  No, No.  Just wait and see.  Well, now I kind of like it.
Then fonts… I have basically been using  two fonts for Naturalmente Mediterráneo.  The Logo and name font and then a different font for any other wording.  I have loved my “any other wording” font.  It is creative, unique and artisan.   My frustratingly practical husband, however, said right from the beginning that he wasn’t convinced, it’s not easy to read.  Well, I went ahead and have been using that font…. Until very recently.

Okay, beautiful and creative are nice, but isn’t purpose, performance and end-use the focus of my products?  So why am I focusing on the aesthetics rather than purpose in something as important as font?   Font is about getting my message across.  After more and more people mentioned they cannot read it easily, I recently switched.  Gives things a completely different look.  Less Artisan but VERY readable.  I think he was right again.
Hope you are all well and enjoying this marvelous life daily.  I really do believe that it is our choice.
Happy happy happy soaping!!


Michelle Somers said...

New packaging looks fabulous and cleaner.


Nitya said...

Great job Jennifer! Love the new font! Your studio is coming out really well. :)

Polly McNamara said...

Your husband has a good eye for the details. Your new labels are much easier to read and look really really nice. I think as artists and creative people, we tend to see things a little differently, we need someone who thinks like the customer to give advice sometimes.

really great work, you make a great team xx

Jennifer Young said...

Michelle, Thanks for your great comment!! xo Jen

Nitya, Thanks for your comment! So glad you like it. More studio photos to come soon... xo Jen

Polly, You are so right. Sometimes artists need that practical balance... Thanks for your sweet comment! xo Jen

Coco said...

I agree the rest (ingredients, etc) is more legible now, but does it have to be all or nothing? Could you keep the unique/creative font for just the name of the product?

I think it´s large enough for readibility, especially with the contrasting color band. Good looking labels!

How´s the shop progressing?

Mabel said...

I do think your current packaging is very unique and no issues with readability. He does have a point tho. Hm...maybe do bit of both?

Caitlin said...

I love your new packaging!

Pam said...

Jen the old label was quite lovely but the new one is outstanding to my eye. Love the green door with the white mechanics! Have you had the grand opening and I missed it?

xs Pam

Isabel said...

querida Jennifer, se que los pequeños detalles marcan la diferencia de cualquier producto, en tu caso, tanto el pakaging como el tipo de letra son perfectos, y cuando prueban tus jabones lo demás no importa, naturalmente fantásticos, NATURALMENTE MEDITERRANEO, y hechos en Andalucía, la tierra del sol, que mas queremos no?tenemos pendiente la jornada para octubre noooo? Besos Isabel.

Jennifer Young said...

Coco, Thanks for your comment! Glad you like it! I think I am sticking to two fonts now... I don't like "font clutter". Studio is coming along little by little and wonderfully. Yesterday the hand-crafted ceramic sign was put up and I couldn't stop giggling, I just love it so much. Must get photos this morning and post!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Mabel, Thank you for your comment!! I think I am sticking with the new fonts... I love change as much as my daughter doesn't... and my husband, well he is just so practical. I should be posting more photos of the studio shortly....!! As always, nice to hear from you! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Caitlin, Thank you so much. Coming from you, a designer and MASTER at packaging, I am extra glad you like the new packaging! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Pam, Thank you so much for your comment. I hopped over to your blog and must say your photos are looking gorgeous lately. Don't know why but can't seem to Follow your blog in the normal way... will get there!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Isabel, Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario... tan dulce... tan bonito. Muchas muchas gracias, xoxo Jen