Monday, 14 May 2012

Soap Travel Arrived!

Look what I received the other day!!  The famous Soap Travel package which Julia from Cocobong  initiated, with three wonderful soaps in it. 

I loved them all. Look at the packaging! The scents are lovely. 

I ended up choosing the beautiful soap gnome from Seifenswerg!  Maybe because it was the most different to my own soaps, maybe because of the wonderful green, or maybe because of the fresh summer scent.... something applish.  I was not disappointed!  It is a lovely soap all around.

I am going to add my Goat Milk soap (my favourite) to the package and send it off!!

Thank you for the opportunity!  The next destination the Soap Travel Package is off to is to Karen Hill in Australia.

Happy Soaping everyone!
xo Jen


Mika said...
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Mika said...

WOW you are so lucky! I'm still waiting my turn!!!


Zwerg said...

Nice, that you like the gnome(;-)

Jennifer Young said...

Mika, Thanks for your comment! I wonder when the package will get to you!!? It is going to Australia now. Sorry I haven't signed up for your Japanese soap swap but the truth is, although I like trying other people's soaps, I am taking a break from soap swaps for a while... I have had so many these past few months and I want to focus on mine more for now!! Hope it goes well!! xo Jen

Zwerg, Lovely soap!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! xo Jen

Michelle Somers said...

The packaging off the swanee one is gorgeous. What did that soap look like?

The gnome is cute.


Stc and Company said...

Fabulous, I cannot wait for when it is my turn.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

The gnome would have been my choice too. I get a little tired of showering with the same old farmer. Kidding just kidding

Jennifer Young said...

Michelle, the Swannee soap has some very original packaging... the soap is small, flat and very natural looking.Maybe by the time it gets to you, you will choose that one if it is still available!! xoxo Jen

Stc & company, Thanks for your comment! Hope it gets to you soon! xo Jen

Donna, Thanks for the morning smile!! Your farmer must have an absolute ball living with you. You just seem to have a way to keep people laughing no matter what the situation... wonderful quality! xo Jen

Anonymous said...

Wow ... that gnome looks so cute, I can understand why you chose it ... but ghee it would have been hard!

I'm so excited that the parcel is on it's way to me in South Australia! I love swaps and this international 'soap package' is a fabulous idea!

So it's time for me to think about what I'm going to include for the following destination ... ummmmm!

Anne-Marie said...

What a fun package to receive! All of the soaps looks great, and I especially love that cheeky little gnome!

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

I love the different looks of them all! How fun to pick soap from all over. What a wonderful world we live in.
Michelle in NV

Jennifer Young said...

Anne Marie, I agree, the gnome is definitely loveable!! Thanks for your comment! xo Jen

Michelle (Sierra Snow), Have you signed up for soap travel? If you want to participate you could contact Julia at Cocobong. Yes, this is an awesome project. Thanks for commenting! xo Jen

Julia said...

Qué bien Jennifer, casi me había olvidado de estos jabones viajeros...¡y sigue estupendamente!.
Es difícil poder quedarse solo con uno, el gnomo es precioso.
Un abrazo y hasta pronto.

Jennifer Young said...

Julia, Gracias por tu comentario!! xo Jen

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