Friday, 20 July 2012

Goat Milk Green Tea Spirulina

This is a remake for a friend who suffers from eczema on her hands.  She has tried out all sorts of my soaps but says that this one is the only one that really soothes and helps her eczema.  I don't make it as a part of my regular line, as I would prefer it to have something local rather than green tea.  I will probably experiment with Nettle and Rosemary again.  

Oh how I wish this beautiful elusive Spirulina green would stay.  The only difference in the photos was that the second one was taken with the curtain closed... I didn't edit them at all.  What a difference lighting makes! It is a lovely green in real life... just wish it would stay!!
Essential oil blend:  Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense

Happy Soaping!!



Nitya said...

Love that green!! How sad that it doesn't stick around. If only all soaps could retain the color they have just after coming out of the mold.

Jennifer, I put some pictures of the wheatgrass soap in my post. The color faded a tad, but it is still green. Would love to see you experiment with wheatgrass. :)

Natalia said...

What a beautiful green, Jen! I am also fan of spirulina and goatmilk in soaps. I use to keep the spirulina soaps in covered boxes and the colour retains( ok, not 100% but I am content with the results).
Have a lovely weekend!

Connie said...

I wish I was there to walk into your shop and take in all the sights and smells. Your soap is beautiful, I love that shade of green. Have a marvelous weekend. Connie :)

Bobbins and Balms said...

beautiful colour from the spirulina, do let us know how the colour changes.

Shieh Design Studio said...

how about wheatgrass? I heard it produces nice green!

The Soap Sister said...

Wow Jen, the green look in that second photo is amazing! It matches your blog's color scheme so well -if you could incorporate it on your page permanently somehow...

I've had my share of "issues" with natural green colorants. Chlorophyll and green sea clay have a tendency to go funky on me....eww!

Catmint stayed rather well, but it's more blue-green. I would love to find something to get that beautiful green you've achieved! :)

Jennifer Young said...

Nitya, Thanks for the tip and your comment. I love the way your wheatgrass soap looks. Now I just have to find some here... I will post when I start experimenting!! xo Jen

Natalia, Thank you for your comment and for the tip!! You are right - natural colour definitely remains in the soap better without exposure to light. I will keep an eye on this one... xoxo Jen

Connie, Thanks for your lovely comment. If you every decide to travel to Spain and make it to this area, I would LOVE to show you around the studio and shop!! Your comments are always so full of affection and positivity!! xo Jen

Bobbins and Balms, Thanks for your comment. I will try to remember to post again in a few months with the updated colour!! Xoxoxo Jen

Shieh, I would LOVE to do some experimenting with wheatgrass. I am currently looking for a good source. Will post once I experiment. Your soaps are looking exquisite lately... xo Jen

Soap Sister, Love your comments!! Still have yet to try catmint... blue-green sounds wonderful. Will continue to post with green experiments... xo Jen