Monday, 16 July 2012

Studio and Shop Opening Day

What a wonderful day!   So much support from friends, clients and my husband.
  We had so much fun at the opening.  It was one of the hottest and most humid days and I couldn’t get the air conditioning working… didn’t matter.  I felt so excited and proud.

I realized that apart from being a place to make and sell my products, it almost seems like a shrine to this corner of the world that I adore. 
I realized how much I have souced locally… as it is so important to me to support the local economy, friends and fellow artisans.  I look at the walls and see the small local contractor who did the renovations… my husband and I have worked with his sister and his father in a previous job.  Then I see the painting that my husband spent so many hours doing… he painted the entire place. 
 I see the carpenter, who also previously worked with us, who made the shelves, my new molds, my market stand, the round display unit and the little sales area/ desk… 
I see the ceramicist who made the studio sign, some wall hangings, soap dishes and shaving mugs (which sold out)! 
I see the lovely stain-glass artist who made my mirrors.  
 I see the photographer who took photographs of the local ingredients I use… looking at the bare walls only 7 days ago, I called him and explained the project I wanted him to take on.  He and his wife tracked things down, even setting up a bowl of sea salt on the beach… and got the printed photos to me within 3 days….
I see the local 92-year old basket-weaver who made my baskets for me.
I see some of my suppliers as well… Pepe who supplies my local organic jojoba oil, Rafa who supplies the local organic extra-virgin olive oil, Juan who provides the local beeswax and honey…
My husband, the detail freak, insisted that I label things in each of the storerooms, with nice printed labels with my logo.  I love the result.  
(Curing room)

(Packaging Room)

People that came to the opening brought plants, good luck charms, well-wishing cards and great company.   We were overwhelmed and surprised with all the people who came.
We shared drinks and paella outside and celebrated!    One of my friends and her darling daughter won one of the baskets I raffled off.
We only wished our families could have shared this moment with us, but I don’t complain because it was our choice to live so far away.
So thank you again for following my story and being a part of this special moment as well.
Love and inspiration to all!!


Amina said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!

Bobbins and Balms said...

Shop is looking fantastic, congratulations

Alegría Mediterránea said...

I am really impressed for everything that you have done there!
I appreciate and admire all your work,Jen!
I'm sure will be a successful business because everything starts from passion and that it shows!
With all my heart I would have liked to be there on this special day for you, but is so far from me!
I wish you much success, health and love!
Much love ,

Anonymous said...

All the best wishes for you! Your shops looks georgous. I really enjoy following your blog and reading about your soapmaking.
Congratulations from Simone (a soapmaker from Germany)

Jabonera said...

Jen muchisimas felicidades estaba leyendo sobre las personas que te hicieron un gran trabajo y yo veo a una persona muy orgullosa de haber logrado su sueño y que tiene una felicidad inmensa dentro de si. Me he acordado especialmente en varios momentos del sábado. Te deseo todo el éxito (que lo vas a tener). Besos. Ana. (Jabonera)

Mika said...

Congratulations Jennifer!! you are shining more than ever and the studio is fantastic!! I'm really happy for you :)

OLIVIA said...

Muchas felicidades Jen!!
Me imagino lo contenta y emocionada que estarias.Un trabajo excelente.
Seguro que te va a ir genial. Muchas energias!

Un beso,

Anne-Marie said...

It looks great! Congrats on your new shop!

Blanca said...

Jen, ¡¡Enhorabuena por tu local!! se ve todo muy bonito.
Un beso.

Yohanka Ferrer said...

Muy lindo todo, me alegro muchísimo!!!Mucha suerte y un beso muy grande!

Maku said...

Felicidades por haber sacado adelante tu sueño.
Mucha suerte Jen

Julia said...

Muchas felicidades Jen. Creo que los que seguimos tus blogs y tus jabones nos sentimos un poco cómplices, resulta muy agradable ver que se puede conseguir un sueño como el tuyo.
La tienda ha quedado preciosa. Te deseo todo lo mejor en este proyecto.

Christine Kennedy said...

So Wonderful! Wish I could see it in person : ) Congratulations. A dream come true!

Silvia en el bosque said...

Jen, I see you shining, you seems so happy... i wish you the best in your lovely shop, kisses and health from the forest. Silvia.

Nancy Liedel said...

This is only the beginning of your wonderful story. You are an incredible inspiration to me. I love what you are doing and your heart!!! Congratulations!!

My husband and kids are jealous and want a store where the gorgeous sun shines so much.

The Liedels

Amy Warden said...

How wonderfully exciting!! The shop looks so fantastic! You have done such a great job including so many local artisans, and the result is just stunning. Love the way you've organized everything and made it look so inviting. Best wishes to you and lots & lots of sales!

Michelle Somers said...

Congratulations, everything looks beautiful and I love all the local touches. Sounds like a great day.

Sonya said...

Congrats! How exciting to have your own place all ready to go. I wish you great success.

Tanya Livings said...

It looks amazing. Congratulations!

Coco said...

All that hard work paid off, the place looks great! And your products most of all!

Congratulations, you should be very proud. And it shows - you´re glowing!

Wishing you all the success in the world.



Sonja said...

Congratulations.. the dream becomes reality!!!

Jennifer Young said...

Amina, Thank you!!! xo Jen

Bobbins & Balms, Thank you so much!! xo Jen

Claudia, Such nice positive words. So appreciated. Thank you!! xo Jen

Simone, Thank you for your sweet comment. Let me know when you get a blog!! xo jen

Ana (Jabonera), Muchas gracias por tu comentario tan cariñoso, tan positivo. Un beso, xoxo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Mika, Thank you so much!! xo Jen

Olivia, Muchisimas gracias por tu comentario!! xo jen

Anne-Marie, Thanks you!!!! xo Jen

Blanca, Muchas gracias. Un beso, xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Yohanka, Muchas gracias por tu comentrio!! xo Jen

Maku, Gracias por tu comentario tan bonito!! xo Jen

Julia, Gracias! Claro que somos todos complices. Eres una parte de mi sueño!! Besos, xxoJen

Savon Muse said...

Absolutely fabulous Jen! Congratulations! You've worked so hard to make your dream a reality. You deserve all the success that's headed your way. Your shop looks great. Enjoy every moment! All the best, Paulinex

Nitya said...

Your lovely smile says how happy and excited you are!! I see all the hard work, love and passion has come together so beautifully in your studio. It looks stunning! Congratulations dear Jennifer!! I wish you great satisfaction, success and much happiness!! <3


Karen said...

Fantastic Jen! I am jealous.....

Amy@10th Ave. said...

You look so incredibly happy! Everything looks perfect--simple and serene. I could happily move into a corner of your shop! Thanks for sharing pictures and I wish you all the best!!

Pam said...

What a wonder and such a lovely shop! All your hard work and dedication and lovely products. Your local sourcing is to be admired also!

PS the greenish curtain in one of the photos? Do you have another piece of it left? It might work like a skirt for your shop desk so when the door is open you don't see the desk framework like in the first photo. Just an idea.

Jen all the best!

Monkey Business said...

so happy for you! the shop looks great and you radiate happiness! Congratulations and hope the shop is always as busy as it was on the first day xx M

Lora Duzhe said...

That is an effort and an accomplishment!
I wish you success and loads of customers!

Shieh Design Studio said...

Love your studio! Your did a GREAT job on your storefront! What a transformation! Congratulation!

Natalia said...

It couldn't be better than that!!!
Your shop looks very nice and you too, Jen!
Wish you a lot of goodluck!

Becca said...

What a wonderful shop you have there! It is beautiful, and you should be proud. I wish that someday when I visit your country I can make it to your shop and buy some of your soap. Best wishes for you!

MelissaR said...

The shop looks beautiful! I've been following your blog for a while and find your enthusiasm and love of soap making so inspiring to me. If you can do it, so can I. I wish you all the best and much success.


Anonymous said...

I love the look of absolute joy on your bright face! Congratulations on your blessing! Your gracious spirit brought tears to my eyes as I read this. What a blessing.

Cocobong Soaps said...

The best of luck to you, Jen! I wish you much success and everlasting joy with your soaping venture

ASBloom said...

It looks beautiful Jen, really lovely! Congratulations to you on this big move!

Irene Fernandez said...

I love it!! I'm so happy for you... and a little envious ;-) I wish you the best!! You deserve it!!

Simple Pleasures Handmade Soap said...

Congratulations, my fellow Canadian! You are truly an inspiration. Wishing you much success in your beautiful new store!!

Polly McNamara said...

How happy you look! your journey has been amazing to follow and I am so happy that your dream has been realised. You should be so so proud of everything you (and your husband) have achieved. Keep on smiling and I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Polly xx

The Soap Sister said...

Fantastic! Jen you have done an amazing job: from carefully crafting & perfecting your recipes, the logo, labels, and now THE SHOP!! Yeee-Ha! What a first class job by a first class lady (and helpers) -so so proud of you, my friend! I pray for your continued success and joy in your new soaping adventures. :) Hugs, ~Becky

Jennifer Young said...

Pauline (Savon Muse), Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!!! xo jen

Nitya, Thanks for your lovely comment!!! xo Jen

Karen, Thanks for your comment! Come visit one of these days on one of your Holland trips... xo Jen

Amy, Thank you so much. Would love you to come visit some day!! Glad you liked the photos. xo Jen

Pam, Thanks for your awesome comment!! and for the tip on the green curtain... the hanging curtain is a temporay measure for now, in order to separate the production area from the public area. We have deliberately left the desk area rather open... well everything in the shop area very open, because it is so small and we didn't want to close things in and make it even smaller... but I like your suggestion. Thank you!! xo jen

ali said...

Que lindo te a quedado todo!!! mis Felicitaciones que te valla todo muy bonito que seguro que si. Como se dice en Andalucia: suerte y al toro.
Un besote.

Erica said...

Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful. I especially like the entrance.

Lisa P said...

Congratulations! We all dream of a retail store and you have done it so well!

Jennifer Young said...

Monkey Business - Thank you!!! xo Jen

Lora, Thanks for your great comment!!! xo Jen

Emily (Shieh) Thank you!! So glad you like the store front!! xo jen

Natalia, Thank you so much!!! xo jen

Becca, Thanks for your comment! You would be very welcome and you never know... you may just fall in love with Spain. It certainly captures a lot of hearts. xo Jen

Melissa, Thanks for your comment. I love when I hear that I may have inspired someone as this is what my blog is about. connecting with other people out there so that we can inspire eachother!! Thank you! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your sentimental comment. I get tears in my eyes from grattitude quite a lot lately. xoxo Jen

Cocobong, Thank you for your nice comment!! xo Jen

ASBloom, Thank you so much!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Irene, Thanks for your comment!!

Simple Pleasures, Thank you for your lovely comment!! Nice to hear from another Canadian soapmaker!! xo Jen

Polly, Thanks so much for your great words. I have been following your journey as well and so excitedfor you about your recent business training. xoxo Jen

Becky, As usual you are so sweet and full of enthusiasm... thank you so much!! xo jen

Jennifer Young said...

Ali, Muchisimas gracias!!! xo Jen

Erica, Thanks for your comment! Glad you like the entrance!! xo Jen

Lisa P, Thanks for your comment! Just checked out your blog and it looks great. I would sign up and follow... but I am having a glitch where instead of the Follow option, blogger only offers me "share". I need to sort this because as there are several new blogs I have discovered that i would love to follow. If anyone has any help... please let me know! xo Jen

Tara said...

Jenn, I haven't been around blogland much this summer but I was thinking about you and your new studio just this morning and kniew i had to come visit. It is amazing, wonderful and beautiful! Every little detail is so well thought out and i couldn't imagine a better place in which to offer your soaps. Congratulations and all the best! Tara