Monday, 3 September 2012

Evening Market

As the hot busy summer draws to a close, I know I will miss the colourful evening market I have been fortunate to be a part of this summer. It ends next Saturday. Some photos for you:
 My Stand

Morrocan Artisan Stand
 The wonderful Siberian Painter's stand

Some of her work...

To be continued... (seems I have run out of photo space?)
Happy Soaping.... Happy Summer!!


Lisa said...

Beautiful stall! I love the way you have two different sizes of soap for sale.

Michelle Somers said...

What pretty photos, love the painting on the stone. We go until the end of October with our market and then Christmas shows begin. I keep meaning to put market photos up too. Maybe I'll get to it this year.

Your stand looks lovely. Do you find the soap that is out as a sample loses it's scent? We've often wondered about putting out a naked soap sample.


Coco said...

Your stand looks wonderful. Such cute little samples!

Nitya said...

The evening market is truly so colorful!! Perfect for summer time. Your display is so lovely. Enjoy your time at the market!! <3

Jennifer Young said...

Lisa, Thanks for your comment. I don't love packaging the little soaps, but in this depressed economy, I feel it is a good option for people who are spending less. Great way for people to sample as well. They have been selling well. Happy Soaping! xo Jen

Michelle, Thanks for your nice comment!! Look foward to photos of your market! Yes the exposed samples eventually lose their scent. if they are in sunlight, the scent fades very quickly so I make sure they are out of direct sunlight. I sometimes cut pieces off for people if they want a sample of a specific soap, other than the one I am offering as my daily soap sample. Every week or so, I change them over to fresh ones. I feel this is an important part of selling for me. People want to touch, smell and sample. Hugs!! xo Jen

Coco, Thank you!! So glad you like the look of my stand. Hopefully you can come and see it in person one day! xo Jen

Nitya, Thank you for your awesome comment! Glad you like my display! xo Jen

Anonymous said...

Love the long days of summer, and that market looks like a great way to spend an evening. Thanks for the photos!
I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! Thanks for sharing your soap, your knowledge and your time with all your readers!

T.A. Helton said...

Does the Siberian Painter have a website? Love the art!

Jennifer Young said...

Sironasprings, Thank you so much for your nomination!!! Your comment is so sweet. So glad you enjoy my blog.

T.A. Helton, I wish I knew how to get in touch with her now that the market season is over... I don't believe she has a website... sorry!! xo Jen