Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Help!? Indigo & Blogger

Calling out for help here....
Ingido - Can anyone help me find a supplier for this natural indigo?  Here is a photo of the little package that was given to me as a gift.  The person who gave it to me has not been able to provide the supplier either and I need to order more!
Blogger - I used to be able to simply "follow" a new blog by clicking on the "follow" button at the top of the screen.  But for some reason, I haven't been able to for months now.  I can't seem to post the screen shot in here to give you an example...  but instead of follow at the top, it gives me the option to "share".  Hopefully one of the tech whizzs out there will be able to help!!
Thank you!!!!
xo  Jen


Zwerg said...

ndigo (blau) / Añil Indigo natural en polvo / Indigo - Anil natural powder / Indigo bleu . Indigofera Tinctoria. Herkunft: Indien

You caa get this in Germany here


Jennifer Young said...

Adrea, Thank you thank you thank you!!! xo Jen

Yohanka Ferrer said...

Jennifer, bueno te lo han dicho ya. Pero sí, Gisella manske tiene indigo natural en polvo. Yo suelo comprar a ella y es un excelente proveedor!
Espero que sea ese el que buscas. Besitos.....

Полина Gandle Сенькова said...

There is indigo in Aroma-Zone (choose button "Entrez" (France))

Poudre d'Indigo (plante tinctoriale) - 10 g - 5.5 euro

tina bunston said...

Hi Jen! How are you doing?

I know nothing about indigo, as you may have guessed! The following thing is another matter. Most blogger blogs have a members list showing with "Join this blog" above it and I use that mostly. If they haven't got one of those, I follow them via RSS feed. I've only just started using this. It just shows up on your toolbar with the number of new posts to look at. Mine's reading 56 at the moment! Haven't had time to look! There are several RSS thingies to choose from, I believe. Just Google it!

Anonymous said...

My name is Maya and I came to
your blog from Tenth Avenue Soapworks.

I myself had difficulty finding natural indigo and when I found it I bought a lot. Mine is not Egyptian but Indian, though ( I live in Japan). There is a company here which sells natural indigo produced in India and Japan - just their page is all in Japanese.
So if you cannot find it at the link which Andrea gave you above, I will be happy to order some for you here in Japan and send it. It is no big deal as I often help my soaper-friends.
I love the natural look of your soaps!

SoDakSoaper {Kalla} said...

I don't ever see the "Follow" at the top was so much easier to follow blogs that way! I do what Tina said to do...look for the "Join this Site" button on blogs.

Jennifer Young said...

Yohanka, Muchas gracias por tu comentario!! xo Jen

Полина Gandle Сенькова, Thank you for the tip! I will check out this supplier. xo Jen

Tina, Thanks for the tip. I see where you refer to and this helps!! xo Jen

Infusionblog, THank you so much for your tip and generosity. If I have trouble getting good quality natural indigo elsewhere, I may come back to you!! I checked out your blog and it looks like you make beautiful products!! xo Jen

SoDak Soaper, Thanks. I wonder why blogger removed that option?! Oh well, here comes "join the site". Thank you! xo Jen