Monday, 8 October 2012

Honey Basil Shampoo Bar

Lovin’ the honey colour that came through in this shampoo bar… almost reddish!  Why are natural colours so unpredictable??!! 
Loved the colour in the mould… and was hoping it wouldn’t change much…  It even turned out two tone!  One colour on one side and a deeper colour on the other!!
All the little imperfections are noticeable in the photos as well… drasted bubbles… stamped too soft… but hey I love them, at least the look of them.
I have been experimenting with shampoo bars for 3 years now… and have had some good ones, and some not so good ones.  My rhassoul bar is the one I repeat and repeat, but this was something new.
The Basil EO comes through first and strong… then a hint of lemongrass comes through and the lavender is too subtle to note much but it is there.
Can’t wait to try this one out!
Shampoo bars continue to baffle me… some say it is a simple as lowering the SF, but one of my best bars was at 7% SF!  I have tried as low as 1% and not so great…. So I am not sure that lowering SF is the simple answer…
Experimenting ROCKS!!
Happy soaping!
Xo Jen


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
First I thought you had used pink clay but this amazing color is just from the honey! It is beautiful!
I have never made shampoo bars with SF lower than 7% but may try 5 or 3% next time :-)

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...

Your bars look nice, love the colour. I've done shampoo with 5% SF and haven't tried going lower at all. Also I've seen bars with borax in them but have never tried that as I enjoy castor oil in mine. I'm still convinced they work best with shorter hair over the long term.

Still in market mode so haven't had time to experiment but look forward to January when I will have time.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Your bars are such elegant beauties Jen and the pics never do them justice. Because of you I began to experiment with shampoo bars last year and now many family members have converted. These new ones look lucious

Jennifer Young said...

Infusionblog, I know... this colour amazed me. Hope it sticks. Look foward to a post about your shampoo bars!! xo Jen

Michelle, Thanks for your comment! You sound busy busy busy!! Which is great. I am missing the markets... I have tried bars with borax and it works well. All of my shampoo bars are loaded with castor oil. Short hair? Hmmmm... interesting. You may be right! Hug xoxo jen

Donna, Thank you thank you thank you. How are your shampoo bars? Do they work well for everyone? I found that as everyone's hair and water are so different, I couldn't find a bar that worked for everyone. xoxo Jen

Savon Muse said...

Beautiful Jen. Haven't attempted shampoo bars yet, but they're on my list of 'things to try'! Love your work, as usual. Pauline x

Amanda said...

So beautiful! The color is amazing. I'm still trying to find a good shampoo bar recipe. I think my hair just doesn't like natural soap. But I'll keep trying.

I love your stamp.

Cee Gee said...

Beautiful Jen, I'm loving that natural color!

Jennifer Young said...

Pauline, Let us know how it goes when you begin experimenting! Thanks for your comment. xoxo Jen

Amanda, What a beautiful blog you have...Loving it!! I am not a person to give up easily... so I plug on with my shampoo experiments... lately I have been using my latest liquid soap batch on my hair and I am liking it... not loving... but liking... Thanks for commenting! xo Jen

Cee Gee, Me too. I have tried to hard to get a beautiful honey colour before and this time I wasn't even thinking about colour and Voila! There is that colour I have been trying to find... I wonder if I could recreate it.... thanks for commenting! xo Jen

sunshine and some clouds said...

hi :) love the color and the stamp...looks absolutely beautiful...would you mind terribly if i asked for the recipe? i assure you its only for personal use...thank you :)

Jennifer Young said...

Sunshine and Some Clouds, Thank you for your sweet comment. Glad you like this one. It is almost ready to try out on my hair!! I don't usually give out recipes... I actually hold on to all my recipes pretty tight, maybe because I earn a living off my products... but I would love to help you find your own recipe in some way. Why don't you email me - with the oils you would like to use in your shampoo (what have you got?) and I will suggest some quantities and possible additives... Hope I can be of some help!! xo Jen