Saturday, 13 October 2012

Liquid Soap Packaging

I am so pleased with the results of my latest batches of liquid soap and have begun playing with packaging…
I have never been a fan of plastic, which has been a dilemma of mine for liquid soap packaging…  Growing up with a very naturally focused mother has had its influence on me.  She almost never used plastic.  I was the kid with the paper bag lunch.  My chocolate chip cookies had sunflower seeds and nuts in them.  She also never used Teflon… she stuck with cast iron pans.  She left her hair grey, never died it.  She always looked so beautifully natural… and still does.  She didn’t believe in unnecessary surgery and when they told me to get my adenoids and tonsils removed, she took me to a naturopath when I was 12 years old and they put me on a special diet with no dairy, sugar or wheat for a year… pretty difficult for a 12 year old.  But it worked.
So Mum?  Thanks for always staying true to what you believe in and feel good about and for passing that on to me.
I try to stay true to what I feel great about as well, but without judging others.  I decided not to use palm oil in my products and although I use glycerin in some things, it is palm-free glycerine.  I love the smell of sandalwood but don’t feel great about the potential environmental and controversial harvesting issues so am not using it.  Now I’ll do my best to use as little plastic as possible as well.
I tried glass, but realized that when I get to the point of selling liquid soap, it will be too heavy to ship.  Also, something strange… it smells weird in the glass bottle… it may be the cork top.  It also poured too quickly.
These are working well for me for now, even though the pump top is plastic.  The soap itself, medium lather, with loads of local organic extra-virgin olive oil, soft and mild, with lavender essential oil and a hint of patchouli.  It is still pretty liquidy, but I am getting the hang of getting it slightly thicker.  I think I will begin experimenting with adding local organic jojoba oil as well.  So many experiments on the go!!!
I am giving these out as gifts to some friends but feel pretty excited that I am getting close to being able to sell my liquid soap.  Oh yeah!! I almost forgot to mention that I have been using this batch lately on my hair and really liking it! Pretty excited!
Happy soaping all!!!!
Xo Jen


Mika said...

Hi Jennifer, your mother is such lovely person:) I have done a natural remedy for my son long years. and I prefer to eat fruits and vegetables and nuts. I don't take sugar and dairy products.
I also don't use palm oil, sandalwood, rosewood for my products. I don't want to be the arrogant for the nature. I want to live in harmony with Mother Earth as possible.
I am always like and impressed with the way you think. and I love your packaging!! I also have used aluminum bottle ;)

Natalia said...

Jen, this is the most beautiful packaging for liquid soap I have ever seen!
And we all like your mother, Jen!

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


Loved this post, it reminded me of my own mother and how she exposed me to natural remedies. Love, love, love these bottles (label looks lovely too) along with your glass facial masks ones. Can I ask where you got them? Did you do these labels yourself? Our printer can't handle clear labels at all unless it's text only.

All this talk of liquid soap has got me itching to make some again as we sold it a few years ago.


Anne-Marie said...

What great packaging, I'm totally in love with the label against the brushed metal.

Nitya said...

Beautiful packaging Jennifer! The labels are so perfect too. The colors are subtle, elegant and go very well with the bottles. Much love!

Jennifer Young said...

Mika, I loved your comment. Thank you!! I especially loved how you put it..."in harmony with mother earth...". That is what it si all about!! xo Jen

Natalia, Yes, mum is wonderful! Thank you!! So glad you like the packaging! xo Jen

Michelle, So, you mum was similar and passed along some great stuff to you too? I didn't recognize it at the time, but what they pass on to us is sooooo important. My bottles, tins etc, I get from a soap supply place in England. They are great. I could send you their link in an email but shipping would be costly to Canada. For now I print the labels myself, but not ideal because colour runs. Eventually, I will get them done on proper cosmetic packaging paper. Happy soaping!! xo Jen

Anne-Marie, Thank you for your lovely comment!! xo Jen

Nitya, Thanks for your sweet comment. Always nice to hear from you. Your latest experiments have been inspiring!! xo Jen

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Now I feel better about my very long very grey hair. At 53 so many of my friends and sisters are spending tons of money dying and shaping their hair with expensive products while I only use my shampoo bars because of YOU! Love the tribute to your mother and love the new liquid soap bottles. They are amazing Jen.

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


Thanks, your right shipping from England would be expensive. The type I can find is taller looking but it dents easily which has been my hesitation with that type of container. Love glass too, but it's so expensive to ship so I'm continuing to use plastic with some eco-friendly options here and there.

Yes, my mom was always into natural remedies. I was never allowed to have pop in the house unless company was coming over. There are several things I wasn't allowed to do until I was 16 years old. The beauty is I listened to her even though I whined begged and pleaded. Now I'm so grateful.

Jennifer Young said...

Donna, Thank you so much. Love the sound of your beautiful long grey hair... and I have been fantasizing lately, even dreaming about stop dying my hair... and just accepting the grey. I am 42 years old, and it may age me, but I don't feel like resisting aging. I feel pround of my years. My husband and daughter REALLY do not want me to stop dying my hair... and for the moment, I am still dying it but one of these days.....

Michelle, Thanks for your comment. My bottles don't dent easily. They are quite thick, but I have sticker-staying-on issues. Soon I will just have to bite the bullet and get the labels printed properly... Your mum and my mum sounds similar. xoxoxo Jen

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