Friday, 18 October 2013

Christmas Soap Experiments

The cut soap from the other day (scoop glob)... turned out okay.
 I tried a new one.  Used up some cut offs from my super accelerated wine soap and experimented with Titanium Dioxide... surprisingly pleased with Titanium Dioxide!
Happy Soaping Soapers!!


Anonymous said...

I really like both, Jen! I especially like the second one!

Pam said...

The top of the soap is so beaufitful. Your embeds look great good save and the gingerbread soap is perfect for the season!

Amy@10th Ave. said...

The scoop glop looks to be a winning technique! The bars look great! And the wine/TD bars look like they would smell of peppermint. They both definitely look like Christmas. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Soapjam, Thank you!!! xo Jen

Pam, Thank you!!! xo Jen

Amy, Thanks for your comment... and you guessed right - peppermint/ spearmint eo blend. xo Jen

Anonymous said...

How cute are those gingerbread men?!! The 'save' looks awesome too - another thing I love about soapmaking - never any waste :-D

Jennifer Young said...

Thesoapmine, thankyou for your comment! always to hear from a new soaper!! xo Jen