Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Batch 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Batch 100 "Cloudy Dreams" - was so perfect as a concept in my head.... then when I actually got down to doing it, it siezed up on me... and got so thick that even separating out the mix for colouring was a challenge. No pouring, just SCOOPING, which I am not used to yet. Other soap makers use a really thick trace to an advantage... layering etc. But I just got nervous.... scooped, attempted swirls and sprinkled some left-over soap shavings on top. The scent was a very new mix for me. Lavender with a bunch of other stuff.... can I say it smells smoky? Like a hint of camp-fire? Misty...smoky....cloudy... I wish the blue had come through stronger. More Alkanet next time. So in my attempt at scooping, I got some serious bubbles/ holes as you can see. Hey - it's all learning! And I reached 100!!!

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