Saturday, 20 March 2010

Scent Help.... Mediterranean

I am formulating in my mind a "Mediterranean Soap Bar".... with sand and salt for exfoliation... as I live right next to the sea and many have requested it. I do not use synthetic fragrance oils..... Can you help with some scent ideas? What Essential Oils could I use to come up with a Mediterranean Sea scent....????


Cocobong said...

There are several eos you can combine for that fresh, at the sea scent...
for example: Lemongrass/Peppermint(Mint)/Rosmary
or Rosemary/Litzea Cubea/Clary Sage/Mint
or Rosemary/Lavender/Litzea/Orange/Lemongrass/Spearmint/Clove/
The last one is just lovely! I used it for my Ocean Bars and it was well received
Happy soaping!

Cocobong said...

...there is a glitch in my comment...the last combo is:Rosemary/Lavender/Litzea/Orange/Lemongrass/Spearmint/

Soaps and Bubbles said...

I recommend a bit of a variety..
how about: cloves (EO), Cinnamon (EO), a twist of Peppermint (EO) and real fresh squeezed lemon to spice it up.
Notice not to put too much of the cloves and cinnamon.

FuturePrimitive said...

i like ylang ylang, lavender & then you could try some of that ho leaf...sorry only just getting round to answering all these bloody questions since doing the tutorials! it's manic!

Jennifer Young said...

Thank you so much for the ideas!!! I think I am going to try each one of these!!!! I have been working on a salt bar recently... and it crumbles when I cut it and it sweats like crazy... oh well I'm going to keep trying until I get it! I think it will be "Mediterrean Breeze Salt Bar"...