Friday, 26 March 2010

Soaps & Bubbles – Strawberry Milkshake – Soap Review

Very recently, I was the lucky winner of a contest for 2 free soaps from a very generous, talented and creative Belgian Soap Maker at Soaps & Bubbles (! This week I received them in the mail - Strawberry Milkshake & Lime Twist.

I just love the logo – classic, classy and original. I will begin with Strawberry Milkshake as it was the first I unwrapped and was addicted to the sweet fruity scent right away! I love the colour and the uniqueness of poppy seeds with Strawberry! I have seen poppy seeds with lemon or peppermint, but Strawberry Poppyseed? Creative! Just the right amount of poppyseeds as well - not an overdose. I began with washing my hands and from the first moment this soap hit water, I have loved it. My daughter as well. Big, bubbly suds froth-up almost immediately, even before the water gets really warm (makes me wonder why the delay on the suds in some of my soaps?). Then the suds get smaller, creamier and richer and so many!! Suds! Suds! Suds! Next I did the shower test and again loved it! I had never tried soap with the rippled cut before and I really like the feel on my body, almost adding to the exfoliating feel from the poppyseeds. Third test was on my face. I usually have a hard time finding a soap that works well on my face because I have combination skin. Either soap gives me pimples on my forehead or it really dries out the areas around my nose. Strawberry Milkshake soap has left my face feeling soft and clean, even after a dry-nose pollen-filled sneezy day. Wow! It has also stayed really hard after using it several times. So, in summary – a fabulous all-around mildly-exfoliating hand, shower and facial soap. Questions for Soaps & Bubbles – Can you give any tips on how to get such a beautiful lather & how to get the bar to stay so hard?


Cocobong said...

Does it make you rethink the eo/fo question for your own soaps?

Jennifer Young said...

I often think about that question... there are so many wonderful Fragrances & Colours... but I still feel strongly that my very favourite are all natural... because they are all natural... and my soaps will continue that way. If I were to give a star rating to soaps... I was thinking of 0 being the worst and 5 stars being perfect... I think any soap with anything artificial in it could only ever be a 4 star, even if perfect in every other way.... this is how I feel.... how do you feel?

Anne-Marie said...

I love the branding. It's very classy and timeless. The soap sounds like it was fantastic. =)

Soaps and Bubbles said...

To my dear Jen,
thank you so much for your lovely writing. Your review of my soap is just wonderful and I am so thankful for your kind and honest words.
Regarding the hardness of the bar...I think it is because I don't put shea butter in my soap. Honestly it is the only answer I can come up with, because for the rest...I think we all make soap in the same way.
The lather is thanks to the goat milk; since the soap is made with it...we all know that milk helps to bring more lather. Think of the trick with putting milk in to a jar and put it in the sink and then leave the water will see bubbles.

Again thank you. And I love your work just as much.


Monica said...

Qué jabones más bonitos y qué bien hechos están, me ha encantado tu blog, me quedo por aquí.

Karuna said...

Hola Jennifer! me encantan tus jabones, me alegra de haber encontrado tu blog! Felicidades!