Monday, 20 December 2010

Angel Award - Passing It Along

Thank you so much to Maggie at for honouring me with this Angel Award...

In the spirit of passing along the award, giving and honouring some other bloggers who have inspired me, I will pass this along. Some of the blogs I would pass this along to have already been awarded by Maggie at Between Friends and Jan at I wish I give this to ALL of the wonderful blogs that I follow but as I feel I must choose a few, I award the Angel Award to: To Maegan I honour you with this award for your amazing, heart-felt, nakedly honest, motivational and inspirational blog. Your words have touched, helped and guided me through some dark moments over this past year. Your refreshing approach to those "slippery-slope" moments is such an example to live by. I loved the look of your soap & skincare... and only wish I had had the chance to try some before you moved out of skincare and into photography. Your photos are beautifully creative, unique & full of feeling. Thank you Meagan. To Shannon at Casco Bay Soap, I am honouring you with the Angel Award for your upbeat, colourful and ecclectic blog as well as your help and guidance to my multitude of questions/comments! Your positivity and passion for what you do and the area you live in shine through. Thank you Shannon! To Courtney, I pass this award along to you because of your sweet, personal, informational, diverse and interesting blog. As you have pointed out more than once, what wonderfully supportive connections we have made through blogging. Thank you, my blog-buddy. To Tiggy, clearly a master artisan soap-maker with some of the most unique looking soaps around, I love your blog and your open sharing and help with fellow soap makers. Your tutorials, guidance & response to questions have been wonderful help! Thank you!! To my very sweet blog-friend at Soaps & Bubbles, I honour you with this award for your refreshing spirit & eagerness which shines through in your blog. I send you well wishes in your move to Israel. Thank you!!

There were many more I wish to honour but am afraid I would be hear all day writing this blog. I simply got to F on my alphabetical list of blogs I follow (then jumped to Soaps & Bubbles).

So, thanks to all of the bloggers out there that I follow for sharing your wonderful stories about soaping, your businesses, your lives and inspiring me in some way.



Soaps and Bubbles said...

Oh my god, Jen, I' ve never gotten an awatd from a blogger before. You have no idea how much this moves me. Thank you dear friend for sharing so much with me. Thank you for being an amazing person, blogger, a creative and inspring soapmaker. I wish you the best of luck with life, love, family and of course with your soon to be a great success soap-business.
Lots of love to you <3

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Oh thank you! I really appreciate your sweet comments about me and my blog.
I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading it! I guess you never know how you can touch someones life, even if it is just a little bit.
I thank you so very much.
Best wishes,

Sonia Peña said...

Congratulations on your Angel Award.

I wish you happy holidays and a new year full of accomplishments! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Kisses from Brazil.