Sunday, 19 December 2010

In Love with Shampoo Bars

Patchouli Goatmilk Shampoo Bar - a new one I have yet to test

My latest favourite Beer & Honey...

My Love Affair with Shampoo Bars got off to a very rocky start... my first bar getting my hair so greasy it was difficult to get it back to normal!!!

Right when I began making soaps, I loved the whole idea of Shampoo bars. I researched them, read all about them, made one (back when I was still using Palm oil) & impatiently waited the month before trying it out. I read about what they may do to your hair at first (funky hair?!?), about possible vinegar or lemon juice rinses.

Finally once it had cured, I tried it & I LOVED it. I loved the rich thick suds. I loved rubbing the bar in my hair… I loved how it left my scalp feeling. AWESOME! I gave one to a girl at work and she was trying it out for me at the same time. She loved it too.

After three washes, for the both of us…. The greasy’s set in… it was bad. Even with the water/vinegar rinse… my hair had major greasy spots. Committed to trying the shampoo bar out for an entire month, I just kept tying my hair back when I went to work in such a way as to hide the greasy hair. I lasted a whole month. But when it was over, I had greasier hair then ever in my life so I washed with a commercial shampoo to get it back to normal.

The “greasy” shampoo bar…

Could it be the recipe? Could it be the water? We have very hard water, full of calcium. Don’t know!

Even though my first attempt was not so good, I tried making another bar – a beer, honey & egg shampoo, and this one was wonderful on my hair. It cured my itchy scalp and any dandruff. It made my hair feel soft and shiny. It NEVER made my hair feel greasy. The only problem was it was so difficult to get a brush through my hair that lots of my hair falls out… My hair is thinner than ever.

Beer, Egg & Honey Shampoo Bar on the right...

Committed to getting all of this solved as I know there are many people out there who adore Shampoo bars and they work well for them, I continued trying. I made my “Ugly” coconut milk caramel-looking shampoo bar. I made a great Rosemary Nettle Shampoo bar at 5% superfat.

I took advice from Between Friends and went back to a vinegar rinse which definitely helps. It was still leaving my hair very difficult to get a brush or comb through. As I don´t want to use commercial conditioner, I am using a hair oil with Argan oil in it. Once out of the shower, I put a dab of the oil in my hands and then smooth it over and through my hair. A little goes a Looooong way. Then I brush it through and it is working fabulously.

My latest is the BEST so far. It is another Beer & Honey Shampoo bar with Patchouli and Lemongrass Essential Oils… I brought the superfat down to 4% and it is even better than the Nettle Shampoo Bar. There is something about this bar that is so wonderful, I just want to wash my hair over and over and over. I gave one to a friend who is courageously trying out my shampoo bars as well. She loves this one too. The suds are so full and thick and rich. The bar is so smooth. The smell… intriguing. I find any blend with Patchouli intriguing. This is a bar I will DEFINITELY be repeating. It makes me want to shower & shampoo over and over!!!! Commercial shampoos never made me love showering this much.

Well today’s long dreamy shower may have had something to do with the new orange poppyseed salt scrub I created this morning… I just may have finally achieved a non-emulsified and NON-GREASY scrub!! So begins a new love affair – this time with Scrubs!!

And by the way… who said that Vinegar hair rinse doesn’t stink? IT DOES TOO!



Soaps and Bubbles said...

How lovely; from all the things I make..I never tried making a shampoo bar before.
Amazing Jen :D The lemongrass looks wonderful


Celine Blacow said...

I'm thinking about poo bars too - a friend of mine made one and gave me some to try out, fab! No need for a vinegar rinse either (I hate the sound or idea of that) but I do use a commercial conditioner with it (I have dry and curly hair, a bad combo to get a comb through). My hair feels great. I'm dying to make some myself ... and work on a solid conditioner too so I can present it as a double set. This one looks lovely and I LOVE patchouli.

Ambra said...

I love them myself. I haven't really used commercial shampoo for a year now. I never use conditioner with them. I've made several and I swtich between them. I have an idea for a new recipe now, so I may make that soon. I actually tried my old shampoo the other day and my hair was so greasy! So back to my own. I've researched solid conditioners, but not found any that I like. Maybe one day I'll come up with that although I don't really need it.

The Soap Sister said...

I almost always use my soap on my hair. I need conditioner some times, though....not always (probably because of the beauty shop "sunshine" in my hair-LOL!) I'm interested in doing a "for real shampoo bar" one of these days, though -yours sound and look great, Jen. (I made a liquid shampoo a while's rather runny, though.) Are you still doing exclusively CP, Jen?
Hope all is going fab with the business! Merry Christmas, Kiddo!

Amy W said...

I've had mixed success with using shampoo bars, so I'm back to the commercial stuff. I've got a fair amount of "sunshine" in my hair as well, and I'm afraid of stripping it off.

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

I'm with you, I've been using my soaps as shampoo bars for years now and think they are great. I've also tried vinegar rinse but not happy with that:( because I have dry hair I use commercial conditioner, but a natural one to finish off. Love the look of your patchouli goat's milk bar, it looks wonderful Jen, so rich and creamy looking.

Between Friends said...

What an interesting story, Jen! I'm so impressed with your determination to make shampoo bars work for you, and how rewarding is the result! I'm glad it all works out in the end and now you're a member of the shampoo bar fan club!