Sunday, 30 January 2011


It has been a while since I have written about my experiments! So much going on, but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting with new things...

I understand that some people have had difficulties entering the Jenora Soaps blog lately and others have had difficulty leaving comments. So sorry but I am just not sure why. And I am not sure what can be done about it? Could it be since I changed the background? I know one follower had to search for the blog again on google instead of clicking on her saved link. That worked for her. If anyone know how glitches like this can be fixed, please let me know!

I share some photos of experiments with you...

Beer Honey Shampoo (a fave of mine)

Goat Milk Charcoal Facial Soap
This was my first experiment with Charcoal & my first experiment with Titanium Dioxide. Charcoal was very easy to work with. Titanium however, was not… Notice the white streaks? After googling it, I found whole lot of advice about how to use Titanium Dioxide. I made another attempt which was much better. However, I don’t think it does anything worthwhile to my soaps to continue using it. Slight colour difference, but nothing wow. So for my soaps, for now, I will most likely not continue using it. Pure Spearmint Essential Oil…. This soap turned out very nice on my combination skin face.

Goat Milk Charcoal Facial Soap II
No swirling this time. But other than that, a similar recipe. More charcoal. Still waiting for it to cure before trying it out.

Honey Goat Milk (no added scent)

“Save a Dog” Doggie Shampoo Bar

Aloe Vera Soap
This did not turn out very attractive. Actually the scent is not very attractive either... I was trying to get a nice green in my Aloe Vera bar. I was not going for this odd bluey/gray/purplish and I was definitely not going for the chicken pox look. At one point I got this nice green by accident:

By adding a touch of indigo to really yellow oils. I was aiming for blue and this lovely minty green came about! So I tried again with my Aloe Vera soap and got that weird looking soap! Check them out next to eachother!

Hope you enjoyed some of my latest experiments! I know I love reading about all of yours!!!!!



Teresa said...

I am loving that Honey Beer Soap!

Polly said...

Your love of experiments is inspiring, Jen, and as always your soaps are beautiful (though the Aloe Vera one does look a wee bit odd lol)
Well done, and wishing you lots of success xx

Between Friends said...

Jen, I'm in love with your honey goat milk! Love that beautiful texture and the shiny look - for some reason, it just spells "quality" to me. :)


Celine Blacow said...

The honey goat milk looks divine!

Re the Aloe Vera, do you use the juice? I've just bought some and wanted to use it for soaping. They are such lovely soaps, I love experiments pics!

Anonymous said...

I love the Honey Goat Milk, it looks so rich and fulsome. I too struggle with titanium dioxide and don't bother with it much anymore. I needed it more when I used organic avocado oil in my soap, but now I use the regular avocado my soap is light enough I think.
Strange reaction in the Aloe Vera soap!

Splurge Sisters said...

Your soaps looks great and that Aloe Vera one has a cool effect going on. The beer shampoo, honey goat and goat milk facial 2 are my favourites.

Monica said...

Me encantan los jabones de tu último experimento, el de cerveza y el de miel tienen una pinta fabulosa. El sello que has utilizado es precioso.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I'm a fairly new "soaper" having just 5 batches under my belt. Lots of fun seeing the different reactions. Thanks for sharing

The Soap Sister said...

Jen I love that Beer & Goats Milk Bar! They are all really beautiful though....what great colors! :)

Jennifer Young said...

I am surprised how many people commented on liking the plain ole' honey goat milk soap!

Teresa, my favourite too... I am obsessed with in for my hair and wash my hair over and over...

Polly, glad to hear that my experiments inspire someone! I love reading about others' experiments too!

Maggie, this one is especially softening on my skin, but no scent! Glad you like the photo!

Celine, I actually use the gel squeezed out of my own Aloe Vera plants. I used to only add a little at trace (whipped up) but I experimented with having Aloe Vera as the ONLY liquid in a soap and it turned into a wonderful, thick, heavy, creamy, soft soap that I really like. However, I can't seem to repeat it! I think the "speckles" in this soap are because I didn't let the lye "cook" the aloe vera this time. I put it on ice and it maybe left chunks of Aloe Vera still in the soap? Not sure... will try this one again...

Lilli, I lllloooooooovvvvve avocado oil in soaps... creams... salves... I just LOVE it.

Michelle, Those are my faves too!

Monica - muchísimas gracias!

Donna, good luck NOT getting so addicted to soap making that you can't think of anything else!! I checked out your blog and you have a great sense of humour!!

Becky, Thanks for your comments. I continue to adore experimenting...

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Jen

Amy Warden said...

I'm trying to imagine how fast the honey beer soap sets up. Beer alone really gets it going... I had a new customer ask me if I made shampoos. Not yet!

Jennifer Young said...

Amy - you are right, the beer honey shampoo sets up like CRAZY. That's why I got those funky swirls. This recipe is a repeat and the time before this, I was super prepared, added the honey at very light trace and it all went more smoothly. This time, I forgot about how quickly it was going to set up and Wham, it all started happening so fast and I JUST rescued it. I even made one once that was beer honey and egg that set up even FASTER. I have been using my shampoo bars on my hair now for almost a year and I adore them. No more than 4%SF. Does not affect my hair dye. I do have to wash more often but as there is nothing harsh in them, I could wash every day and it doesn't harm my hair or scalp!! Go for it!! xo Jen