Saturday, 18 February 2012

Friendship Soap Video - Part 1

My list of firsts for the day:

- First time I have posted twice in the same day! (Couldn't wait to post the video now that I have finally got Youtube worked out!)

- First time I have posted a video

- First time I have made a soapmaking video

- First time I have worked with my new Serif Video software (MoviePlus X5)

And there are so many more firsts going on in my life these days with setting up the soap studio...  I have been so excited about everything that I can't seem to sleep much past 6am...

Let me know how you enjoy the video!

Happy Soaping Everyone!!!!



Holly said...

I am excited for you Jen! I am subscribed to you now and will watch your video here soon with my coffee. :) YAY!

MIKA said...

I enjoyed the video very much! but I never imagined that you have put so many salt!!
by the way, I made a video in this week, maybe next my post???


Celine Blacow said...

Great video... definitely looks like this isn't your first video at all, you did an exceptional job. I'm really loving this swap aren't you? Great idea!

Love the soap, can't wait to see it cut, lucky Amy!!! said...

OMG, I would't say this is your 1st video,really very well done:).
And so much salt, I was kind of surprized;). Waiting for the 2nd part.

Traci R said...

Great video. I really enjoyed watching you make the salt bar.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Jen, After seeing your young face on your blog for so long I was shocked to hear a sultry adult woman speaking ! I think I was expecting a childs voice. Isn't that goofy? But your video was fab. I love salt soaps and so happy you made one. Can't wait to see part two. What temp do you put the oven on?

Savon Muse said...

WOW! How exciting! Great video Jen. It was fantastic to see how you make one of your wonderful soaps. I have to agree with Donna...I too was surprised at how you sounded - I think I was expecting a higher-pitched pixie/fairy-like voice! Funny huh?! I'm also looking forward to the next episode! Congratulations!

Jennifer Young said...

Holly, Thanks for subscribing. I suppose I will start subscribing to people/channels as well... I am new to this YouTube thing, but may get really into it, as I did with Blogger and now Pinterest. I don't need any more things to help me spend MORE time on the computer!!

Mika, Glad you enjoyed the video! Yes there is a TON of salt in the salt soap. Can't WAIT to see your video! xoxo Jen

Celine, YouTube MASTER, thanks for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed the video! The soap swap was a super idea. Now we just have to wait for the final part.... trying them out!!! xoxo Jen

Natalia, Thanks for your comment! I really enjoyed making the video but still prefer photos... yes a TON of salt in my salt soaps. xoxo Jen

Traci, Thanks for your comment!!! Jen xo

Donna, That is so funny about my voice! Yes it is rather low and raspy... it's like that time I went to a Radio party and met all those radio personalities I had been listening to? Couldn't believe how much they DIDN´T look like I had imagined. I turn the oven on to 170º celcius more or less. Then I TURN IT OFF when I stick the soap in the oven. The numbers have worn off my oven dial.. so there is a bit of guesswork about the exact temperatures.... Take it out when it is almost like a hard jelly. Let us know how your salt soap goes on one of your Saponification Sundays!

Savon Muse, So funny about the voice. You know i used to sing Soprano in my school Choir? But then it just lowered and lowered adn lowered.... So glad you enjoyed the video!!! xo Jen

Forever Sunshine Havanese said...

Jen, did you infuse your anatto into the oils, grind it and mix it in oils and lye water or what? I have some anatto and haven't yet used it and wonder what might be the best method. A great first video - congrats on the very first of many.


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Marie, I don't infuse Annatto. In other words I add it as I soap. i add some to the lye mix and some at trace. I have to mix very well though, because sometimes I get specs. Good luck. Let us know how it works for you!! xo Jen