Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Friendship Soap

I have been invited to participate in an international Friendship soap swap!  There are 9 participants each one of us has to make a soap for someone and someone else makes a soap for us!
I got to make soap for Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks!!  I actually videoed the whole process from making, to cutting and stamping… but I can’t seem to be able to upload it to YouTube!!  When I get that figured out, I will post…
All Amy requested was something natural from my area and she likes citrusy scents…

So…… I decided to make her a salt soap, try to colour it orange (as you can see, it turned out a muddy yellow…) and use bits of soap from my prickly pear soap, my pomegranate soap, my lavender soap and my rose hip soap.

I liked the result, except next time I would try another colour (as natural colours are such a mystery, the annatto worked differently in a salt soap!!), trace it thicker so the salt wouldn’t sink to the bottom so much and make a little more quantity so that the soap would be taller.
Other than that, I am pretty pleased. I like the smell – with Litsea Cubeba, Lemongrass, Bitter Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils.

Hope you like it Amy!!
Will let you know as soon as I get YouTube sorted out.


Mabel said...

I think it's gorgeous!

MIKA said...

You so lucky, and exciting !! I envy you. and your soap is very cute, I love it :) I'm looking forward to the video!!


Soapchick said...

That looks lovely Jen, I wish I was getting it!! I love salt bars.

The Soap Sister said...

Very pretty Jen, and I think the scent sounds fabulous. Love how uniform you managed to cut all those pieces! Waiting anxiously for the video. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Mabel, Thank you!! xo Jen

Mika, Thank you. I really enjoyed making this soap and surprisingly I also really enjoyed making the videos! I have not enjoyed frustratingly trying to upload them to YouTube, which should be relatively easy... but it seems difficult from my system? Am I THAT technically challenged...? xo Jen

Soap Sister, Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed almost every part of this soap swap... I just wish a tech whizz would stop by and work out my technical issues with uploading...? oxoxo Jen

Soapchick, I also love salt bars, and even though they sweat, they seem to be many people's favourite. xo Jen

Shieh Design Studio said...

Love it Love it Love it! It's like an ultimate soap! It got everything from the nature all in one!

Soaptician AYU said...

Hi Jen!
It's a beautiful soap!
I can smell fresh citrusy scents from here!
Amy will love it! She is the one who
is making me a soap. Yes! =)

I will post my soap to Hajni on my blog too in a couple of days.

xo AYU

Jabonera said...

Jen es precioso un color increible. Besos. Ana.

Amy Warden said...

It's fabulous, Jen!!! Thank you so much! I love how you incorporated all your lovely natural ingredients into one bar! Love salt bars too! :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Funny. I just watched Amy make Ayu's soap today on her video and it was cherry yellow too. You are all obviously in happy cheerful moods and I am learning even more by watching the required videos.

And your soap makes me smile big!

Jennifer Young said...

Shieh, Thank you! So glad you like it! xo Jen

Ayu, Thank you!! I can't wait to the soap you make!!! xoxo Jen

Ana, Muchísimas gracias. Me alegro que te guste el colour! xo Jen

Amy, Well it needs its curing time but then it is YOURS! Made for YOU!! So glad you like it. Just want to get the video thing sorted out. So frustrating that I have the videos here but can't upload... tried, resizing, converting, you name it. We will get there!! xoxo Jen

Donna, Ay yes, sometimes maybe we don't realized consciously the colours we choose but you are right yellow is so bright and happy and upbeat. I had fully intended this soap to be orange though!!! Used Annatto powder just like i use for my orange soap, but also some carrot seed oil... and I got muddy yellow!! Ahhh... the magic of natural colourants! Happy Soaping Donna, Jen xoxo

Isabel said...

Ohhhhh!!que bonito tu jabón de sal con trocitos, y el aroma debe ser fantástico para las duchas de por la mañana, los cítricos levantan el ánimo a cualquiera, felicidades. ISABEL.

Jennifer Young said...

Hola Isabel, Gracias por tu comentario. Estoy de acuerdo - el aroma de frutos citricos es una manera maravillosa de empezar el día!! Me encanta el zumo de naranja natural... xo Jen said...

Really nice soap, Jen!! Looking forward to watching your video.
Take care.