Tuesday, 21 February 2012

International Soap Swap

Soap Artists

Julia from Soap Artists http://soapartists.blogspot.com/2012/02/intercambio-internacional-international.html is organizing an international soap swap!!

Spanish soapers will be swapping with other soapers from around the world!!  All you have to do is:

1) Go on over to the Soap Artists blog and sign up with a comment...
2) Wait until March 3rd when the swap list will be published and you will know who you will be swapping with...
3) Blog about the soap you receive or send photos some other way?

So, maybe we will see you on the list?

Happy Soaping!!



Julia said...

Gracias Jennifer, eres un cielo.

Jennifer Young said...

Julia, You are welcome!! xo Jen

Soaptician AYU said...

Hi Jen!
It looks like many soapers are in
this swap! It's exciting!

I am in too!! =)

xo AYU

Anita said...

Me in the loop too, yahoo! :)

Jennifer Young said...

Ayu, Yes, it looks like it will be a great swap!! xo Jen

Anita, Awesome to see you in this Spanish - International swap!!
xo Jen

http://mijnzeep.wordpress.com/ said...

Nice Jen.I believe this swap is only for advanced soapers... :(
I wanted to ask you ,Jen:the other blog you have, Enjoying the route, i love it, there is so much to learn about you :). Why don't you continue writing on that blog?

Jennifer Young said...

Natalia, I don't think there were any requiremest for ADVANCED soapers only... if you want to - sign up!! What the heck does advanced mean anyway? So glad you are enjoying "Enjoying the Route". I began that blog at a very difficult time in my life and it was cathartic for me... it helped. I missed my family so badly and needed to write about them and about my healing process. Once I got better, it seemed that I didn't feel as much a need to write... but it has always been my intention to continue that blog. I was actually thinking about it today! Thank you for reminding me and for letting me know that someone out there is reading it!!! xo Jen

http://mijnzeep.wordpress.com/ said...

I will be the 1st to follow you there (also):).
take care

Julia said...

Natalia, you are in the list!!! Look in Soap Artist please.

Julia said...

Jennifer, por favor, explica en inglés a Natalia que hay muchos mensajes y siempre alguno se me puede pasar, está bien que me lo recuerde. Ella tiene varios jabones publicados en su blog y los vi, siempre lo hago antes de incluir a un jabonero en la lista.
Solo ha sido un error al transcribir los nombres, simplemente se me pasó el suyo.

http://mijnzeep.wordpress.com/ said...

Thanks Jen .Gracias Julia.

My Planet Earth Soaps said...

Hi Jen! I am so in for this swap! Mike - My Planet Earth Soap - Canada :)

Jennifer Young said...

Natalia, You are very welcome!

Mike (Plant Earth), Looking forward to it as well!!