Saturday, 27 February 2010

Batch 94

A variation on my beloved Aloe Green Clay... very similar to the first one (one of the best sellers) but with attempted swirls. ATTEMPTED...but failed. As you can see, instead of swirling, I kind of got "blotching"... but the scent is just as addicting as the first one (an accidental run-out-of-everything, what-else-should-I-throw-in? experiment). I can't stop smelling it.


Anne-Marie said...

It's still attractive, even if it's blotching rather than swirling. =) I made a bar of soap that looked similar to that this week too - only my culprit was an accelerating trace fragrance that didn't let me mix the color in well enough. Chunks and blocks for sure =)

Jennifer Young said...

Anne-Marie, Nice of you to comment. Yes. Hmmm. Blocks & chunks... Just noticed you are at BrambleBerry. What a Site! I go crazy over all your stuff, but I assume the shipping to Spain would just make the prices prohibitive. Ever consider expanding to Europe?.... Spain maybe? I could run the show over here for you??? There are no great soap supply places in Spain. I get most of my stuff from England.