Tuesday, 23 February 2010


An attempt at swirling, something I would really like to perfect... this is a soap I made over a month ago and have now tried out.... Vanilla Clove... and really love it. Slow starting but rich creamy & bubbly lather. Shea & Goat's Milk included. All natural colours (cocoa powder). I am crazy about Shea but may be using too much... It's all part of the experiment in perfecting recipes!!


Kathy@Beguile said...

Ohhhhh this instantly made me crave chocolate jaffa's!!! Mmmmmm chocloate covered orange slices- yum!

What percentage of Shea have you been using? I use certified organic, unrefined Shea in all my soapies at around 3-5%. It's not so much that it breaks the bank, but adds extra hardness to the bars and silky creaminess to the lather :D

Kat :)

Jennifer Young said...

Kat, I have am still experimenting with various quantities of Shea. I have used as high as 15% and lower like around 5%. Shea is wonderful. I have a few favourite recipes so far but have yet to decide on my fundamental basic recipe. I am leaning away from Palm, like you. Where do you get your organic shea butter? I would like to order two bars from you - 1) Your absolute favourite & 2) Your best seller. Let me know which those are... xo Jen