Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Selling is exciting and challenging... the challenge is finding the right market. Who buys luxury natural artisan soaps when you can get cheap soap at the Supermarket? The ladies at my Yoga class buy. English clients buy - they seem to love natural soap. The people that went to the Mojacar Flea Market this Sunday DIDN'T buy. Wasn't sure I was going to go as it has been raining all week. By 9am I realized the rain has stopped and I trekked it on over to Mojacar, with a little table and lots of my ready-packaged soaps. I squeezed my tiny stall between an older man selling second-hand electronics and 2 English ladies selling second-hand dishes and jewelry. Diego, the older man, told me as I arrived "Beautiful soaps, but they won't sell here. The people that come here are not very cultured... and they are looking for a bargain, not art." He was right. He was negotiating away and selling second-hand solders and irons, the English ladies were bargaining back and forth, seeming to be doing well as well. I gave out a lot of free little samples, talked a lot about my soaps, but the only person that bought a soap was Diego, who I think felt sorry for me! Met a lot of characters... the recently-laid-off Mirror-artisan supporting 5 children... the Italian lady walking around, looking for an owner for the dog she recently found, who goes each Sunday to sell-off her recently-dead-mother-in-law's tacky nick-nacks that she inherited... a man who tells me he doesn't use soap - NOPE - just Bleach. Yes - you heard right. Bleach! Each day he rubs a cloth with Bleach all over his body... and according to him - it does wonders!!! No thank you! Although I didn't sell anything, I did have a colourful Valentine Day morning, Oscar & Aurora came to support me as well, but basically - the Mojacar market is NOT my venue....

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