Sunday, 18 July 2010

Alkanet Experiment 11

DIFFERENCE: This recipe has a teaspoon of Baking Soda, using Alkanet Experiment 9.

PROCESS: I added 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda to the lye mixture. I thought it would dissolve but it didn’t.

RESULTS: The photo actually shows this soap a little darker and bluer than it really is. In reality it is a speckled bluish grey, with a mauve tinge. The speckles obviously come from the baking soda which never dissolved. I kind of like the speckles! The last three experiments, I have not opened the mould to swirl, nor have I peeked at all, so I think Amy was right in that the white stuff on top (soda ash?) can be caused by exposure to air.

CONCLUSION: Baking Soda affects alkanet colour in soap and adds white speckles.

CONFESSION: This will be my last experiment with Alkanet colour for a while for my Lavender soap. I may start again when it turns colder here. I may post pictures in a month or two to see how the colour was affected over time.

TEASER... I will be using some Alkanet in my Sea Salt bar shortly. That bar tends to turn just the purple I would like in a Lavender bar. It will be interesting to see if the weather affects that soap as well!! Also, maybe in the end I combine them both and instead of having a Mediterranean Sea Salt Bar and a Mediterranean Lavender Bar, maybe I should have a Mediterranean Sea Salt Lavender Bar!!

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Amy W said...

I was right about something??? Unbelievable! LOL! I really like the speckles in the soap too! This might be a fun experiment for other soaps as well...hmmm.

Ambra said...

Well Jen, I think I will go ahead and try to do another Alkanet. I don't know if i can be as methodical as you, but I'll at least post the results. BTW I loved your post about your dad on the other blog :)

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

Hi Jen, the speckles look great, would love to see your sea salt bar when you do it. The testing thing is contagious, you've got me thinking about doing some as well:)

Apothecare said...

Great info! I'll give a tip, about the soda ash: if you lay a sheet of freezer paper (plastic-coated side down) on the surface of your mold, you won't get the ash. It is an air exposure thingy :-) I am going to try some alkanet in a lavender soap this week, wish me luck!! I am going to steep some powder in a oil and add it to a portion of my recipe @ trace so I can do some marbling. I'm excited!

Between Friends said...

Wow.... I admire your patience! I still find alkanet unpredictable, but it's always fun to play with!

Edith said...

Well done for trying and all your soaps look gorgeous!
I have made a log of soap this morning using alkanet and it's a lovely shade of pink but I can bet the next one will be a dull grey/bluish colour even though I won't have done anything different..