Saturday, 3 July 2010

Alkanet Experiment 2

The only change in this soap from Alkanet Experiment 1 is that it is superfatted at 15% instead of 8% - almost double. As you can see, the colour is very much the same. So, if I can make a conclusion based on only having carried out 1 experiment - alkanet colour results in soap are NOT related to superfatting.

Ah, there was actually 1 other difference in this soap. In the Essential Oil blend, this time one of the three oils is Benzoin, as fellow blogger mentioned that Benzoin may be a good fixative for Essential Oil scents. I have not used Benzoin before... and I have also never had this chunky thing happen before. This soap traced so quickly that it got kind of chunky. Can you see it on the top? I am blaming this on the Benzoin but I suppose it could be related to the high superfatting?

CONCLUSION from Alkanet Experiment 2
- Alkanet colouring in soap is not affected by increasing Superfat content

Getting back to the list of advice for altering Alkanet colour in soap:
- Changing water quantities in the soap
- Using different oils
I am adding two new possible suggestions from Michelle at
- Using oils in your recipe that produce a relatively white soap
- Avoid fragrance or essential oils that will drastically change the shade of your product

TEASER... Alkanet Experiment 3 will be lowing water content...


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just the color or lighting of the photos but the second one looks a little 'deeper.' Either way, I still like them. :)

Michelle said...

That chunk usually results from an additive, most often the fragrance oil or the essential oil. Benzoin could definitely be the cause. I've not known superfatting to cause this.

I've considered using Benzoin as a fixative as well. I've also heard that castor oil helps too. I've not tried either. Please keep us posted on what the benzoin does in relation to scent :)