Thursday, 8 July 2010

Alkanet Experiment 7

DIFFERENCE: About 15% of the liquid is Apple Cider Vinegar, the rest distilled water as per usual, using Alkanet Experiment 4 as the base recipe, the one with Almond oil.

I substituted about 15% of the water content with Vinegar and mixed with the lye. It stunk!

These last three soaps have come out very different shades... this one is rather non-descript... Purply Blue Gray? I loved the blue best in Alkanet Experiment 5! But could this colour here... in the vinegar soap... actually be leaning toward Lavender????? Of course I would prefer PURPLE... a nice Lavender Mauve.. but there is something about this soap that does say Lavender to me... What do you think? I have not achieved exactly what I wanted yet, but I have an interesting start. However – who wants soap with Vinegar in it??? How will the Vinegar affect the finished bar? We will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to find out! Also, if you look closely, that white stuff is creeping in again. I was beginning to think it was the Almond Oil, but then I got Alkanet Experiment 6, without hardly any! So, mysteries continue all around...

CONCLUSION – Vinegar DEFINITELY affects Alkanet colour in soaps.

OTHER IDEAS for experimenting:
- Cornstarch
- Baking soda
- Coconut milk
- Avocado Oil
- Cocoa Butter

TEASER... Next experiment will be with either Coconut Milk or Baking Soda, haven’t decided yet... However, we are going away for the weekend so it will be a few days before my next experiment.

Happy soaping in the meantime & have a great weekend!

Xo Jen


FuturePrimitive said...

Every time I leave a comment on your blog it disappears!
Trying again. Love the colour of experiment number 6 most of all. This is all very interesting this alkanet business. Glad that you have the energy to try all these things.
Can't wait for the next one with the coconut milk. That will be interesting. good luck!

TheSoapSister said...

I like the color, Jen. It looks like "Lavender" to me. Did you use EO in it? I hope it doesn't smell like vinegar after curing 'cause it sure is pretty! ~Becky

Michelle said...

I agree, I love #6. This is fun to follow. You have a lot of patience to do this Jen!

Amy W said...

Very cool! I've noticed the most problems with white ash on my soaps when the air is allowed to get to the tops. It's difficult to get a textured top without it - I'd be interested in hearing how others do it. I usually put plastic wrap over the top of my soap and that prevents it from forming.

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

I like the colour Jen and isn't Apple Cider Vinegar supposed to be good for your skin? hope you had a lovely weekend!

Jennifer Young said...

Thank you all for comments and suggestions! I think I need to try Experiment 6 again, maybe with a little less alkanet to see how it turns out... and as for ash, thank you Amy for suggestions... It may have something to do with me getting impatient and peeking at the soap to see the colour before the 24 hour incubation period is up??? It my patience continues, I may just do some experiments with ash? xo Jen