Friday, 20 August 2010

Honey Colour & Alkanet Follow Up

I post another picture of my experiments in my quest for a great Mediterranean Honey soap.

The three soaps in this picture are similar but different recipes. The new one in the foreground looks like peanut butter colour. It is the same recipe as the one in the middle except I added Lanolin and it has no Essential Oils or Cornstarch.

I must say I am rather in love with the rich golden honey colour of the middle soap so now I just have to wait to try these out! Maybe experiment a little more with the colour. Remove the EO's, the cornstarch and see if I get the same glorious colour.

Another interesting colour anecdote... I am now into the phase of trying out the cured soaps from my Alkanet experiments! Fun fun fun. Alkanet 1 (8% SF) is a super soap, great lather, soft, moisturising but the scent is not strong. Alkanet 2 (15% SF) is an even nicer, softer, more luxurious soap, (scent not strong enough either...) however, with the increased superfat, I have noticed that it is harder to get off my hands. Do you know that feeling, when you just keep washing and washing, like with soft water, and the soap just won't come off? Alkanet 3 (8% SF but reduced water. Scent still not strong enough...) is a lovely soap just like Alkanet 1 and the only difference I can feel with the reduced water is creamier, less bubbly lather.

Now for the photo... remember I was in search of a lovely lavender colour? And I kept getting grays...? Well, in using them, the first 3 soaps have turned a nice lavender purple! Look at the almost used up Alkanet 2 soap. I like the colour.


TheSoapSister said...

You did it! Really nice color. Looks like it should have a soft lavender smell. I'm going to look back at your post with the original bar to compare colors. Very interesting, indeed! Thanks for sharing. : )

Atenea said...

Estan muy bonitos los jabones. Besos.

Ambra said...

Great about the Alkanet. I really like that stuff, it brings excitement to life :)
I also love the honey soap in the middle. That is a fantastic colour.

Marta said...

Pues todos tienen una pinta genial, no sabía que a la henna se le decía alheña, será cuestión de probar para dar color a ver que tal.

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

Very pretty Jen! and that one in the middle is a really nice colour. Isn't it amazing how just the addition of something or changing something little, can make such a difference? no wonder I get confused sometimes:) or maybe it's just because I'm getting old:)