Thursday, 5 August 2010

Soap Gift from Soaps & Bubbles

My sweet, sweet blog-friend from Soaps & Bubbles sent me, as a gift, her wonderful Banana & Pistachio soap to try. She is currently off getting married right now!!!

What a uniquely beautiful soap. Look!

I like the colour split. I love the nuts on top. It is a little work of art!

In my usual experimental fashion, I tried it out first in the kitchen as hand soap and it is lovely. Lot’s of suds, not big ones but creamy, very creamy, and moisturising. I am not sure if it is the banana or small nut bits in the soap itself but it is mildly exfoliating. The scent is lovely, slightly sweet, like Grandma’s Banana Bread.

Next test – the shower. Showering with it has been wonderful - soft, creamy & luxuriously moisturizing.

All in all, the banana and nuts combo is an original & natural combination - a lovely unique luxurious soap that leaves my skin feeling nourished with no need for lotion or cream.

Thank you my dear friend for this awesome gift!


TheSoapSister said...

Mmmm! Banana-Pistacio sounds delicious! The colors look great, too -very natural.

Amy W said...

Such a unique combination - I love it!

Atenea said...

Debe ser una maravilla el jabón. Esos regalos se agradecen mucho.

Michelle said...

It sounds wonderful! I can smell it from here :)

Soaps and Bubbles said...

Jen, I really didn't expect this. Thank you so much for this review.
Thank you so much dear friend. btw just came back with a ring on my finger :D

Ill tell you all about it when its less hectic and im when im more back to reality haha

Thanks Jen.
You are amazing