Saturday, 14 August 2010

More Honey Caramel Shampoo

Made two more experimental batches of the Honey Caramel Shampoo, with Coconut milk, and again they set suddenly and quickly. Too quickly to get the honey all mixed in. Too quickly to pour them into the moulds... had to pack them in. Didn't have anything do do with the water in the honey or quantities of honey I realized.

The first batch is the previous post - the one you all seemed to think looks like caramel we could eat! Second batch in the forefront of the photo - I had the temperatures just right with the water/honey mix but it set again on me even before I poured the water/honey mix in!

The third batch, in the background of the photo, I lowered the honey quantities, did not add water to the honey, and had the temperatures right but again is set too quickly. So, in the end I know there is something funky with this recipe... I believe it just heats up too quickly... maybe the coconut milk? If I repeat this recipe, I will do half water and half coconut milk.

Rather interesting colour experiment though, don't you think? What do you see in the white spot....? I see a sweet angel.......

xo Jen


TheSoapSister said...

Really cool soap! I see the angel, but I also see a candy that my sister & I can't remember the name's round caramel with a white creamy center...wrapped in cellophane...Yumm!
We must all stop making soap that makes the Soap Sister hungry! : ) ~Becky

Atenea said...

¿Cuanta miel le pones? Yo le pongo 2 cucharadas para 1,6 kg y es suficiente. No lo envuelvas en mantas despues. Pasate por mi blog y ves el que yo he hecho que ha quedado muy bien. Besos.

Holly said...

Wow-looks great! It might be the coconut milk causing the batch to get so thick. It almost always happens to me when I use coconut milk.
The soap reminds me of a treat we have in the USA called Cow Tails. They are long pieces caramel candy with a cream filling. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I see a monk shaking out laundry. LOL!


AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

Hey Jen, I see that laundry shaking too:) and I still think it looks soooo yum! I make a couple of honey soaps and I add the honey to the cooled down lye, I have to be really careful because it overheats very easy but hasn't caused me early setting. I haven't had that worry with coconut milk either, BUT I did have the same problem with a couple of my other soaps and I think it might be because of the EO's I used. I'm still deciding whether to make them again or not because they are a real pain!

innerearthsoaps said...

These look edible!!

I haven't used coconut milk as a 100% replacement for water so I don't have any experience with it, but perhaps you could freeze half your coconut milk to keep the temps down? Works a treat for goatsmilk.