Monday, 23 August 2010

Palm Oil Giveaway

Hello all!

As I am no longer using palm oil in my soaps, I do not need the 12,5 kilos that I ordered a while back. There are probably about 10 kilos left, and I wouldn't want it to go rancid.

Anybody want it? I am willing to give it away but would prefer not to pay the shipping. If anyone can sort out a way to prepay the shipping, let me know and I I will send the palm oil to you. Let me know if you want it!



Atenea said...

Yo estaría interesada en el aceite de Palma. Enviame un correo a Tal vez podría recogerlo personalmente. No vivo lejos. Saludos.

Soaps and Bubbles said...

Im totaly interested.
Im willing to pay the shipping cost, just let me know how much it is...
Maybe since its 12,5 kilo's me ans Atenea can share?

Let me know.

Jennifer Young said...

Okay you two! Done. I will split somehow and work out shipping cost for Soaps & Bubbles, and then to Atenea.... yo vivo en Vera Playa. Estas cerca? En Septiembre, lo mas probable es que tenemos que hacer un viaje a Murcia. Estas en Murcia?
xo Jen

Atenea said...

Yo vivo en Lorca a unos 70 km de Vera Playa. Podría ir a recogerlo. Podriamos compartir el aceite de palma con "Jabones y burbujas". Dime lugar y día donde podriamos vernos para recogerlo.

Jennifer Young said...

Soaps & Bubbles...Yo... I think in the end I am going to give the whole lot to Atenea... she is coming to the area and picking it up. It is the simplest for me. As it is very heavy, shipping via the post office from here would be very expensive. Hope you understand sweetie. xo Jen

Soaps and Bubbles said...

OOOhhh lucky her...I wish I could just come to the area aswell :(
Its sounds sooo lovely where you live.

So "soaps and bubbles" in Spanish is "Jabones y burbujas"? :D hihihi